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Fiber optics has arrived to offer us the maximum internet speeds at home, although it is true that the different operators have gradually adapted their offers with gradual increases in speed that still keep the obsolete cable technologies quite alive.

In any case, it seems that we finally have an operator that wants to break the market of Internet access at home, finally breaking away from that standard that goes from 300 megabytes up to 1 jig symmetrical with the intention of reach up to 10 Gbps with this new PRO-DIGI rate of 10 gigabytes that we met yesterday.

Fiber 10Gb PRO-DIGI

Promotional image of the PRO-DIGI product with its 10 Gbps fiber.

We talk how not to Digi, one of the carriers most active of the ‘telecos’ market in Spain, which wants to burst the residential market with a rate that for the first time it will reach 10 gigabits per second speed, allowing users to enjoy maximum speed on all their devices with virtually no limitations, in addition to an experience gaming improved due to the lower latency and high bandwidth.

In addition, it will do so with a very attractive price, and is that the new 10 Gbps PRO-DIGI fiber may be contracted with a cost of 30 euros per month which includes an XGS-PON router with WiFi 6 technology, previously signing a stay of only 3 months in the company.

Obviously they will also exist packages with mobile included, which must add their price to these 30 euros per month that fixed fiber optic access costs for the home. What are not available are digital television offers included.

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What do you need to enjoy the new 10 Gbps PRO-DIGI fiber?

The worst part is in Disponibility, and it is that despite the fact that the operator promises to arrive very soon to other cities such as Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, Zaragoza, Castellón or Almería, for now This 10 Gbps rate can only be contracted in areas with Digi’s own coverage in Madrid of type SMART.

In addition, although the theoretical speed is 10 Gbps, we must know that we will enjoy approximately 8 Gbps of usable bandwidth, using in any case devices with 10G Ethernet cards, compatible Thunderbolt adapters or the Next-generation WiFi 6 / 6E connectivity to reach these speeds.

If we do not have prepared hardware, we must have the limitation of our UTP cabling, network cards or WiFi connectivityAlthough the WiFi 5 standards allow speeds of 6.9 Gbps to be reached, which will also take advantage of this new PRO-DIGI optical fiber very well.

And for those interested, if you are in a coverage area SMART from Madrid, you should know that you can contract this new rate with Digi from today, accessing this website or by calling directly to the telephone 91 912 01 20 … Say goodbye to cyber-slowly?

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