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Few things open our minds more to the senses like music, whether you like it dance, to sing or a combination of both, we believe this musical tv series recommendation list, or related to music or dance, they will make you get up off the couch and brighten the occasional sad day. Although it is true that we have not wanted to choose, simply, typical musicals, we have wanted them to music be the true protagonist of these proposals, available at Netflix and HBO, just like We recommend series similar to the brilliant Glee.

Fosse / Verdon

Fosse / Verdon is one of HBO’s spearhead series.

If you want to vibrate with series of comedy with a fun touch, if you prefer a television and music program to use or if you are more than light dramas, all our recommendations are aimed at making you enjoy from the tranquility of the sofa and that you can unleash the artist that you carry inside.

Sing, dance and enjoy with this list of recommendations

If ever have you thought like a musical, as in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, or do you want to meet a fictionalized story about a couple of artists, they should bring you up to our musical recommendations. By the way, we had to include a national documentary, because man also lives on exceptions.

  • Soundtrack
  • Zoey’s extraordinary playlist
  • Julie and the phantoms
  • Fosse / Verdon
  • Glee
  • The Conchords
  • Song exploder
  • To sing!
  • The Get Down
  • Lost & Found Music Studios
  • Country Comfort
  • Heroes: Silence and Rock & Roll
  • Turn up charlie
  • Luis Miguel: The series


Usually, musical series tend to have a high component of comedy and of Romance and this proposal that we bring you, available at Netflix, is no exception. Nellie and Sam meet from casual way in the street and from this meeting, the love, the lost and the luck will intertwine in the rhythmic city of The Angels. If you want something light to warm up, do not hesitate and make a hole in your agenda for this series.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 55 minutes

Zoey’s extraordinary playlist

Without a doubt, if you are fond of the genre of comedy and the Romance lighter, this series of HBO is one of the best proposals that you can find today, and with the music by flag, since it will be ours protagonist the one that can listen to people’s thoughts around him, with the variation to this classic power, that said people they will sing what is on their mind, which will unleash a lot of fun situations.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 25– Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Julie and the phantoms

This proposal, which could be framed within the television for boys and girls, a children’s audience in short, will bring you closer to Julie, a young adolescent who has lost the passion for music due to the sudden death of his mother, but that will get it back when three strange characters ghosts encourage her to pursue her dream and, to top it all off, will set up his own music group.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 9– Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Fosse / Verdon

Yes to one amazing history, which now I will tell you, you join the incorporation to artistic cast of two monsters on the big screen, as they are Sam rockwell and Michelle Williams, nothing can go wrong. Indeed, this series related to show business, and based on the relationship between a visionary filmmaker and one of the best Broadway dancers, proposes us to approach the creation of spectacular musicals, revolutionized the industry of the show, although at too high a price.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 55 minutes


We jump to the other side of the pond and introduce you one of the most popular series of the past decade, where we will attend the McKinley Institute and become part of a misfit clubAdorable teenagers from minute one, the so-called Glee club. A teacher will be in charge of bringing the club to fruition, despite the love affairs and of a evil cheerleader teacher. The Union of youth comedy and musical it will make you laugh, sing and dance during any of its seasons.

– Year: 2009– Seasons: 6– Episodes available: 121– Approximate duration: 40 minutes

The Conchords

If you want to know one of the most eccentric music groups of the small screen, we doubt that you will find something similar, we present you to the Flight of the Conchords, a duo rooted in New Zealand, but that at move to the United States They will have to start from scratch, since their fame, if they ever had it, has not taken off as they thought. Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, the members of the group, They will move to the East Village of New York to start earning their place in the North American star system.

– Year: 2007– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 22– Approximate duration: 25 minutes

Song exploder

Have you ever wondered how one of those songs that you do not stop listening, at all hours of the day, had its development process? In this Serie television, available on Netflix, we can delve into the creative process several artists of international stature, as is the case with Dua Lipa, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Natalia Lafourcade, Alicia Keys, Lin-Manuel Miranda, REM and Ty Dolla $ ign. What is it what inspires them, that instruments need to give the perfect touch to their piece or a refresher on their big hits it is part of what you will find in its chapters.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 20 minutes

To sing!

Finally, for finish in style as is usually done at parties and big occasions, we present you a musical program, available in Netflix, which will be the starting gun for you to raise the volume of the speakers and jump for the microphone. In each of the programs, several contestants will fight, in a competition of karaoke, with classic themes of the last decades, to achieve a jackpot of up to 30,000 euros. Ricky merino will be the master of ceremonies and whoever takes the lead, never better said.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 40 minutes

The Get Down

This Serie it’s a singing, never better said, towards a glorious time in the music industry in New York, back in the 70’s, and invites us to meet a group of young people from South Bronx, with talents and enthusiasm in abundance, who will try to make their passion also their future, all sweetened with archive images of the time and with the participation of MC Books, a rapper from those years, who will narrate the story in a rap tone as it unfolds.

– Year: 2016– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 11– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

Lost & Found Music Studios

The series the rest youth cut and with scripts according to the age of the smallest are unusual in Netflix, perhaps something else in Disney +, but that is not why we have to stop recommending a production that is already underway second season, as of the writing of the article, and that shows us how the music can be fundamental part of the life of the youngest, especially in those who go to a elite music school.

– Year: 2016– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 27– Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Country Comfort

What could go wrong when a country singer take over, like baby sister, of the care of Five sons of an attractive widower? This is the starting point of this fun TV series from Netflix, where we can discover one of the most popular musical genres in the United States and, incidentally, meet one of the strangest and craziest families that television has left us in recent months.

– Year: 2021– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 25 minutes

Heroes: Silence and Rock & Roll

Our country It’s one of the musical references in Spanish speaking, with groups that have achieved transcend beyond genders, generations and borders. One of the main references of this group selector was and is Heroes of Silence, the Aragonese group that broke molds in the 80s and 90s, and that has been portrayed, with interviews never seen before, in this magnificent tribute, and documentary film, which can be seen in Netflix and that will show us the rise to stardom of a rock group of those who no longer remain.

– Year: 2021– Genre: documentary– Approximate duration: 94 minutes

Turn up charlie

The immeasurable Idris Elba, usually with more serious roles, will make us enjoy this musical series from Netflix, where he will play a DJ come down and that he will try to return to relaunch your pass career as a DJ, although things will not be as easy as it might seem, as you will have to take care of the daughter, age 11, of a friend in the same period of time. If you want one comedy with musical touches and light humor, you will find few better options.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 25 minutes

Luis Miguel: The series

To end this list of recommendations in style, and how wink to all our readers across the pond, we wanted you to delve into the obviously fictionalized life of one of the most successful singers in the history of Latin music, Luis Miguel. Since 1981, when his first performance, this singer will show you what happens behind the scenes, including a stormy relationship with his father, which was deteriorating at times.

– Year: 2018– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 21– Approximate duration: 50 minutes

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