Even Google is wrong sometimes.

Although Google is one of the largest companies in the world and has some of the most popular services and applications (Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and much more), the truth is that not everything that the big G touches turns to gold.

We not only talk about all those services that have gone straight to the Google graveyard but also with products that honestly have not fallen in love with the public, either because it is not what was expected of them or because Google directly screwed up with them. Projects in which the Mountain View company left a lot of money and which were a real “fail”.

Google+, the social network that nobody asked for

It's official: Google + is dead

One of Google’s biggest failures

Not all social networks are successful and if not they tell Google+. A social network that never succeeded, a social network that nobody used and a social network without any activity. Normal on the other hand that when Google announced that it was closed, no one was sorry.

The reason for its closure was really controversial. A security breach discovered in the platform that would have endangered the data of half a million consumers in a period that would go from 2015 to March 2018. Almost nothing.

Google Stadia, broken promises

The Google Stadia controller.

Google Stadia hit the market with quite a bit of controversy

To be honest Google Stadia is a great platform if you like video games and don’t have much time to enjoy them. Now, if today its catalog is more than decent it was not like that during its launch.

Google Stadia has not added a new game to its catalog for more than 40 days

The truth is that Stadia launched too early. Few games, unfulfilled promises, features that have arrived late, somewhat high prices … which caused users to quickly lose trust in the platform. Luckily Google has managed to go back so if you like video games, rest assured that Stadia is well worth it.

Google Photos and goodbye to your unlimited storage

Live Albums Google Photos

The Google Photos thing was a shame

The good does not last forever and if not they tell it to the unlimited storage of Google Photos. Without a doubt, it was the preferred option for users to store their thousands of photographs … until Google said enough.

If it is not paid, photos will occupy part of the 15 GB of available storage which for many users was a disaster. After so many years using Google Photos in an unlimited way it was a real nuisance that the big G will force users to pay. The other option and that many did, was to migrate from service.

The death of Google Play Music

google play music has died

Google Play Music is no longer with us.

Honestly few (or directly no one) understood the death of google play music. The service worked well, had a large user base and also had a more or less attractive interface. Then, Why was Google Play Music removed in favor of YouTube Music?

We understand that it would be a brand issue. YouTube is much more recognizable and attractive than Google Play Music, hence the company opted for this service as a substitute. Be that as it may, if Google hadn’t loaded Play Music, nothing would have happened either. Sometimes if things work well it is better not to touch them.

Google Glass, do you remember them?

Gafas Google

Who remembers Google Glass?

It’s probably the biggest gaffe in Google’s history. The Google Glass they were presented as the technology of the future and in the end they ended up in the developers’ drawer, alone and abandoned. And the reasons for its failure were not few.

High price, strange design and zero use. Nobody was interested in this project and Google did not do much to promote it either. We do not know if there will be smart glasses in the future, but the truth is that no one is interested in them today.

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