A total of 37 new emojis have been approved by the Unicode consortium, and they will soon become available on all major platforms.

In a very short time, the number of emojis on your mobile will rise to 3,633, thanks to the new version of the Unicode 14.0 standard that is about to come into force.

What count on Emojipedia, a total of 37 new emojis have been accepted by the Unicode consortium, so that in the coming months the main platforms and applications will be updated to add the new collection of emojis.

Among the new emojis, we can find melted faces, new hand gestures, low battery emoji, beans, a troll and many more.

New emojis for 2021

Some of the new emojis that will arrive on your mobile in 2021.

More emojis on your mobile thanks to the Unicode 14.0 standard

With this update to the standard, not only have been included brand new emojis. They have also been added variants of existing emojis, such as new skin tones for the handshake emoji, or different types of “pregnant man” emojis.

All the new emojis in Unicode 14

All new emojis arriving with the Unicode 14 standard.

As for the new face emojis, they include melted face, face covering mouth with open eyes, face covering one eye, face saluting or face with watery eyes, among other. Likewise, long-awaited emojis have been added such as dead battery, the bubbles or the one that represents a lip bite.

It will take a few weeks, or months, until the main platforms such as WhatsApp, Android or iOS begin to introduce this new collection of emojis.

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