Ken Pillonel, a robotics master’s student at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School (EPFL) has managed to equip an iPhone X with a fully functional USB-C port.

Recently, The European Union announced that USB-C would be mandatory on all mobiles sold in Europe, including iPhones., but before this happens an engineering student has managed to do what Apple has been refusing to implement on its iPhones for years: a USB Type-C port.

First iPhone USB-C port

The first iPhone with a USB-C port is an iPhone X modified by an engineering student

This is the first iPhone with a USB Type C port in history.

As the guys from Android Authority tell us, Ken Pillonel, a student of the master’s degree in robotics at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School (EPFL) has managed to convert an iPhone X equipped with a Lightning charging port in the first Apple mobile to have a USB-C port.

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Pillonel has shared the final result of this project, which has taken him several months, in a short video that he posted on your YouTube channel, which we leave you below these lines and in which we can see that this iPhone X with the modified charging port is fully functional, since it achieves recognize a USB-C charger from a MacBook as a power source and, in addition, it also allows you to manage data transfer via USB Type-C cable from iPhone to laptop.

Ken Pillonel explains that to achieve this milestone he had to reverse engineer Apple’s C94 connector, allowing him to create a custom PCB (printed circuit board) with a female USB-C port, which he had to touch up multiple times until he got the iPhone case to fit inside and work properly.

This brilliant engineering student has already confirmed that he is preparing a longer video, which he will also publish on his YouTube channel, in which you will detail all the steps followed to carry out this feat.

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This historical reluctance of Apple to mount a USB-C port in its iPhone seems really inexplicable, especially if we consider that some iPad models already have this charging connector, which means that Apple engineers should already know how to implement it in future iPhone.

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