At CES last year, Belkin took a further step in its accessories catalog, making available to buyers a high-performance loudspeaker that was complemented by a charging system and integration with Google Assistant.

From that idea the Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi, a product made in collaboration with the French sound firm Devialet and that today we are going to show you in detail. Which you can buy with a discount here Do not miss it!

A quality product that stands out for its qualities

The world of smart speakers has been notably overwhelmed in recent years with countless products. There are many firms that have come to this segment seeking to conquer people’s homes, but how to differentiate yourself from the rest and stand out among so many products? Surely this is the question that the Belkin asked themselves when they put on the table the construction of a product that would give a twist to a market by integrating different functions.

From that idea was born the Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi. A product that goes far beyond a simple smart speaker and that is committed to combining 4 fundamental concepts. First and foremost, it is to offer you the reproduction of high quality sound. Secondly, keep a careful aesthetic design capable of standing out in the most modern homes. Third the ability to be smart, integrating with Google Home, AirPlay and Alexa to offer you the possibility of interacting with it, turning it into a smart product. And finally and as icing on the cake, the wireless charging capacity of mobile devices.

Belkin Soundform Elite a careful design that you will like

Thinking of buying a smart speaker that stands out to the eye? The Belkin Soundform Elite is a product of remarkable dimensions that does not go unnoticed. As with some of its competitors, in this range of high-quality loudspeakers the size increases and it is important to have a nice aesthetic that goes with the product.

First of all, we must tell you that you can buy this product in two different colors. You will find it in black or white.

In the case of this model we liked it a lot. We are facing a product of careful design and modern aesthetics. Its shapes and materials are very reminiscent of Google’s own assistants, mixing pleasant textiles with quality plastics that are pleasant to the touch. At the top we find a touch panel for basic functions, such as volume up and down, as well as the base for wireless charging, which has a status indicator LED.

On the front, the well-known 4 lights of Google assistants light up to inform us of the activation of the assistant. In summary, the Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi is a product that you like to have in sight and that deserves a good note in terms of design.

A sound endorsed by Devialet that does not disappoint

Belkin has known how to ally itself with a firm that offered them the necessary guarantees to develop an intelligent sound equipment that lives up to expectations, known as SmartAudio.

The chosen firm was Devialet and this collaboration has resulted in a balanced product that offers the quality expected of it. Inside we find a double Devialet Push-Push woofer with vibration cancellation system. The sound is enveloping and stands out for its powerful bass that, when well equalized, allows a high quality sound to be reproduced. You can also connect it to play it together with other products through the Google Home application itself, with which it has full integration.

Devialet products usually have a high cost and you will not find many opportunities like this to have a product developed by the French firm.

Two models: One with Google Assistant and one with Alexa and AirPlay2

As often happens in this type of smart speaker, Belkin has opted for the realization of 2 products with differentiated integrations: one with Google Assistant and the other with Alexa and Apple AirPlay. Depending on the integration you have in your home or the place where you are going to place the product, you will have to opt for one or the other.

The unit that we have been able to test has the Google assistant. Its initial configuration is similar to that of any official assistant of the brand and the quality of its operation has nothing to envy to the main assistants of the Mountain View firm.

The microphone detects the voice completely naturally and thanks to Google’s own voice recognition systems, it can differentiate between the different people who are activating it. At the top we have a specific button to prevent the operation of the microphone, which allows us to have total privacy if we wish.

10W fast charge compatible with your smartphone

Possibly if you want to buy a Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi this is the icing on the cake. At the top of the device we find a base of fast charging at 10W able to charge our phone quite quickly. It has the ability to detect the device when placed and activate charging intelligently.

You can buy the Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi on the official website or at its authorized distributors, among which you will find Amazon, Pc Componentes or El Corte Inglés.

Having said all the above, it only remains for you to try this smart speaker for yourself, which you will find with different promotions that place its price at quite attractive levels. A balanced option, that meets what you expect of it and that offers a perfect intelligent sound environment to enjoy.