Christopher Nolan He is one of the few directors who manages to attract any amount of spotlight to his next projects. Regardless of whether he likes his style or not, no one can deny that the British filmmaker makes a lot of noise, and his next project will surely be no exception. After Tenet, Nolan’s new film will re-focus on WWII, as reported Deadline.

Of course, this will not be the first time that Christopher Nolan explores the aforementioned global conflict. Dunkirk (Dunkirk), which was released in 2018, told us about the rescue mission that took place in the French city of the same name in 1940. The film was a box office success, grossing just over $ 525 million worldwide. Despite being based on a true story, the director did not hesitate to play with time, an element so characteristic of his productions.

With his next film, however, Christopher Nolan will focus on the figure of Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the American physicist who played a key role in the development of the atomic bomb. One of the actors who would be on board the project is Cillian Murphy, a regular cast member of Nolan’s films.

Christopher Nolan says goodbye to Warner?

Warner Bros.

But beyond the narrative, perhaps the most interesting of the report of Deadline is that this movie, unlike Nolan’s previous projects, I would put Warner Bros. The reason? It seems that the filmmaker was resentful after the controversy that surrounded Tenet.

At the end of the previous year, Christopher Nolan charged against WarnerMedia for the simultaneous premiere of Tenet in theaters and HBO Max. The root of the problem is that the company did not communicate its movement to those involved in the production (Legendary Pictures). Besides, of course, Nolan considered that Tenet it was an experience to be enjoyed on the big screen.