Users who have several products configured with the magic word “OK Google”, have suffered in their flesh that they all respond at the same time. While it’s fun on occasion, the Google Home is expected to be smarter and sensitivity can be adjusted.

It is not so rare to see all the smart speakers, screens and Android phones that you have at home with the Google assistant that respond in unison. What if we could control the sensitivity of the devices before the trigger word?

Controlling the microphone sensitivity of Google Assistant devices is a reality

It looks like a new sensitivity setting is on the way for devices to detect the “OK Google” trigger keyword, which allows users to control how responsive they want them to be.

The company a few months ago announced that it would add a way to adjust the keyword threshold for Assistant devices, both to avoid unwanted triggers, as well as to allow users to increase sensitivity for better operation in noisy environments.

While this setting is not yet publicly available, XDA’s Mishaal Rahman you have managed to activate the function manually, and has shared the first screens that we have seen of these controls:

In addition to smart speakers, Rahman notes that the sensitivity slider will also be available for smart displays.

For now, Rahman has not spoken about how this new feature works. Hopefully we can deliver exactly what it promises and prevent other devices from speaking in unison.