With our eyes on the fall and after the acceptance of the last article in which we have reviewed some Redkey signature products, we have decided to make a selection in which you can discover some of the products that this firm offers in its extensive catalog.

As we have already mentioned on previous occasions, Redkey is a brand that develops products with modern aesthetics, good qualities and affordable prices, having created a good catalog especially for home cleaning. Models like the Redkey F10 folding vacuum cleaner, that we have reviewed on this website and that was launched a few months ago, has generated a boom. Having billed more than 10 million dollars in sales of this product in just one month.

Now and with the summer saying goodbye, we will do a brief review of the Redkey range of products.

Affordable products that maintain their quality

Beyond the Redkey F10 itself, we are going to focus on other products for home cleaning in its different facets, introducing products such as pet hair removers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, electric mops or cordless and cordless vacuum cleaners. Everything in a range that goes from 50 to 200 euros approximately.

Eliminate your pet’s hair for only 60 euros

Pets at home? Your life will be easier with this product from Redkey. The pet hair remover It has everything you need to get rid of uncomfortable hair in a very comfortable way.

This product has a weight of just 500 grams and a suction motor that rotates at 80,000 revolutions. Its suction power is remarkable and it is specially designed to remove pet hair with 14,000 pa of suction and a fixed brush head. It can be charged from any charger with a USB port and is an infallible weapon in any textile, sofas, beds, cars, everything!

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner

A curious product that does not disappoint is the wet or dry vacuum cleaner. It goes a step beyond traditional vacuum cleaners, being able to remove stains while you clean. It’s a great tool to use on upholstery, sofas, or seats.

The most interesting thing about this product is that its price is affordable. Redkey offers this product for about 200 euros and what we liked the most is that its design, in deference to many of its competitors, is comfortable and aesthetic.

Redkey’s electric mop

The electric mop / mop is a product that, even though it is little used in countries like Spain, many manufacturers are developing them and improving their performance. This product consists of a rotating brush capable of performing the functions of a common mop, in a simple and comfortable way.

Redkey offers in its winter catalog an option with a rotation rate of 250 rpm, higher than the market average that has to be only 180 rpm. This difference in turning power makes cleaning faster and with fewer passes. As a curiosity, this model includes a self-cleaning system that is responsible for washing the pads automatically avoiding having to perform this task manually after each cleaning.

As a bonus, this model is also capable of waxing the floor just by changing the head. Something that includes in the purchase pack.

The Redkey P6 Corded Vacuum Cleaner

If you thought that all vacuum cleaners on the market are cordless, you are wrong. Corded models continue to be manufactured for those who for whatever reason cannot make use of existing wireless models. An example of this can be any place where, due to its characteristics, the limitation of batteries is a problem.

The good news is that this vacuum is quite a bit cheaper than the battery-powered models. For only 70 euros you can get it. Corded electrical current allows for greater suction power that cordless ones would not support. In fact, the Redkey P6 has a 600W of power, double that of common models. Includes a 7 meter cable of length.

Extender Tube Vacuum Cleaner.

Finally, we are going to close this review with an extension tube vacuum cleaner, great for those houses or places where space is limited. Its main quality is to keep it compact after use. It has a very careful design that has been a recurring feature in Redkey products.

Is it time to renew your cleaning products? We are sure that in this article you will have managed to discover new quality options.