The Floating Motors company has devised some boats with the design of some famous cars of the last decades. There will be various models and configurations.

Who said that boats and cars can’t be alike? Usually, these two types of vehicles have nothing in each other, beyond the function of transporting people. However, the company Floating Motors he intends to change this with his peculiar creations.

These are small boats that resemble some iconic motorsport models such as the Jaguar E-Type or the vans Volkswagen T2. Each creation has its characteristics, depending on the possibilities offered by the model on which it is based.

Thus, in the case for volkswagen, it is possible to have space for sunbathing on the roof or even have a ladder to climb back up after swimming in the sea. In this way, this company, formed from the union of the company specialized in boats, intends to revolutionize the world of navigation Jet Capsule and Lazzarini Design Studio.

Various models and configurations

At the moment, the company offers different models, each of them with three types of helmet: catamaran, conventional and foil. In addition, there are currently five models with electric outboard motors whose powers are available up to 243 CV depending on the model.

Once the model has been selected, the firm ensures that each client can even choose one type or another of suspension settings and they detail that their boats can be used for different purposes.

They are still working on their products, but they point out that they will also offer different sizes in the future. The little one would have a length of about 3.5 meters, while the largest could measure little more than 7 meters.

More details of these quirky creations will be out soon, but they certainly won’t go unnoticed in and out of the water. And you? Will you save to buy a kind of ‘aquatic E-Type’ in the future?

This article was published on Top Gear by Sergio Ríos.