The weekend kicks off, so it’s a great time to grab a handful of free games and add them to your collection.

The pc gamers they can get free quality games every week, to have fun without spending money.

And we are not talking about the catalog background or titles that no one knows about. They are games that have been a critical and sales success, and now you can play them without spending a single euro.

But you must hurry because some are only available for free for tomorrow. So go claim them when you finish reading this news!

We start with Nioh, a Dark souls set in Japanese mythology where you will have to fight against corrupted samurai, monsters and demons.

It is a difficult game, but it is worth it. In addition it is the Complete Edition, with all DLCs. You can get it for free on Epic Games Store, Until September 16th.

In this same store also available without paying the management and strategy game Shelthered, where you have to build a shelter for your family after an apocalypse that has destroyed the world. Until September 16th.

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Another great game that is worth enjoying is Far cry 3, a narrative first-person shooter set on an island dominated by warlords who have taken the natives as slaves.

Be careful because this game Ubi Soft gives it away only until tomorrow, September 11 at 08:30 Spanish time, so run to claim it before it costs money again.

Do you want more free games? We’ve got them!

On Steam you can catch the classic Death rally, a racing game with a bird’s eye view reminiscent of the classic arcade games.

Finally, on Prime Gaming you have the mythical graphic adventure of LucasArts, Sam & Max Hit the Road, as well as other quality adventures: Candle Man, Puzzle Agent, Secret Files 2 and others. Also a newly released multiplayer game, Knockout City. Everybody until September 31.

To get all these games you need an Amazon Prime account, but you can create one for free for a month, claim the games and keep them even if you stop being Prime.

They are very good titles that will entertain you for weeks. Enjoy them!