Twitter continues to test new features with which to win over the largest number of users. What you have now are reactions in the style of Facebook and that will serve to interact in the social network of Jack Dorsey.

Social networks have to be kept up-to-date in terms of functions and features to make their users feel that they are always up to date. The truth is that many of these features and functions are copied from other social networks. Over the last few years we have seen how Instagram plagiarized without the slightest impudence.

It is nothing new to seek inspiration in the competition, in fact, it is the most normal thing in the world. If they are able to compete it means that they are doing something right. The case of Instagram is more interesting, because they knew how to adapt the format of stories with expiration in such a way that the functionality felt as if it had always been there.

Twitter was also encouraged to try stories, but their fleets did not get the reception they needed to survive. Now the new thing about Jack Dorsey’s social network is that they will integrate reactions to tweets when pure facebook style. Yes, you read correctly. Now you can react to the comments made by the users.

These new interactions will be five expressions: doubtful, sad, laughing, applause and the classic I like. The funny thing about all this is that the design would be based on the typical keyboard emojis, so there would be no improvement or adaptation in that part. To be able to mark a tweet with any of these expressions, you would have to press and hold on the like icon.

By pressing and holding on this icon, all the new expressions will appear and the user will choose the one that best suits him depending on the moment or the content. It is interesting to see the way in which Twitter adds new ways of using the applicationn. Now it remains to be seen how welcome these new ways of interacting are.

At the moment these new Twitter reactions will only be available in Turkey and on iOS devices, although it is expected that it will soon reach Android terminals in the country.. There is no exact date for the launch of these new ways to interact on Twitter, although being in beta phase already in one country they may soon reach the rest.