This new function will delete photos and videos that have been in our terminal for more than 60 days and have already been uploaded to a backup copy of Google Photos.

There are a lot of google apps that enjoy great popularity as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos or Youtube, but, without a doubt, one of the most unknown is its file manager, Google files, which now helps us save more storage space in our terminal thanks to a new feature called “Smart Storage”.

Files by Google automates the deletion of photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos

Files by Google automates the deletion of photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos

This is how Google Files “Smart Storage” works

As the guys from 9to5Google tell us, echoing information published on Twitter by youtuber Jay Prakash, Google’s Files application can automatically delete photos and videos already backed up from Google Photos thanks to its new “Smart Storage” function.

Once this functionality is activated from the Google Files app settings, files stored in a backup copy of Google Photos are automatically deleted from our terminal, but this erasure does not occur immediately after the backup has been made.

But, as you can see in the description of this new function in the screenshots that we leave below these lines, automatic file deletion will occur 60 days later the photo or video was taken and uploaded to a Google Photos backup.

That is, the “Smart Storage” permanently remove all media content that has been backed up to Google Photos and that has been on our device for 60 days.

All multimedia elements that are removed using this function, from that moment on, will only be available in Google Photos.

This new feature of Google’s file manager app is available in Google Files version v1.0.389363820, which has only reached, for the moment, the terminals of the American giant, the Google Pixel.

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It is still unknown if this functionality will be exclusive to Android 12 or it will reach the rest of Android terminals with older versions, a doubt that we will be able to clear over the next few weeks.

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