DICE and Electronic Arts have released the first trailer of Hazard Zone, the game mode with which Battlefield 2042 will try to shade Warzone. Yes OK it is not properly a battle royale, its mechanics are clearly intended to appeal to players who enjoy competitive experiences. On Hazard Zone not only will there be the usual intense clashes style Battlefield, a tactical component also intervenes where decisions matter.

Hazard Zone it will be very different from Battlefield 2042 as far as immensity is concerned. Although the maps will be the same as those found in traditional multiplayer, the number of players will be limited to 32 —24 on PS4 and Xbox One—. These, in turn, will be divided into 8 squads of 4 players.

Of course, the tension will increase significantly. Why? The goal in Hazard Zone, in addition to staying alive until the end of the game, it is extract data discs that are scattered throughout the map. Multiple satellites have fallen and your squad’s mission will be to head to the impact zone and collect the data. The interesting thing, of course, is that the other teams have the same objective. Additionally, there will be AI-controlled soldiers guarding the discs.

When you already have the data in your possession, Hazard Zone It will also make it difficult for you to extract them. The squad must keep them in their possession until the extraction periods in certain areas of the map. Be careful, these regions are random, so you will not know where the next one will appear.

“If you play as a four-member squad, you will need to locate and retrieve the valuable data discs scattered around the battlefield, while fighting enemy patrols with the same objective and invaders. Get there by collecting the valuable data discs and choosing when to remove them first. for a storm to sweep through the area in this highly risky, one-life experience. Every bullet, every skirmish and every decision counts. “

Need help? The “Links” are other novelties of Hazard Zone. Basically, they are devices from where you can request the support of a LATV4 Recon or Ranger. On the other hand, if a teammate in your squad fell in battle, it will be possible to revive him with the reinforcement link. “Specific links can revive downed patrol mates. You can get these booster links and use them at any time. Drop down from the application tablet and wait for the countdown to begin, “they explain.

Regarding the rewardsThese will vary depending on the risks you have taken. Also, the prizes can be used in the next game, so we better try to do things right. DICE adds: “The higher the risk, the greater the rewards, and Hazard Zone it has a lot of both. The more information you gather, the more XP and black market credits you will get, you will have better equipment for you and your squad in the next game. “Black market credits, of course, is the currency of the game.

Hazard Zone will be available on the same launch day as Battlefield 2042. That is, the November 19th. At the moment, yes, EA has not revealed if it plans to offer this modality under the model free-to-play.