With an age, the oldest in the house, parents, grandparents, begin to suffer pain associated with the daily activities of the day to day. One of the most critical moments is undoubtedly the cleaning tasks. Technology also evolves in favor of improving this type of situation and that is why today we are going to talk about a vacuum cleaner that makes your life easier. Do you want to know it? We show it to you!

Redkey F10, a vacuum cleaner that thinks about your health

Surely you know well how heavy a deep cleaning can be. Bending down and getting up repeatedly is tiring and much, more if youth is not accompanied. For all those who are already a few years old and want a little comfort, Redkey has thought of a way to improve their quality of life.

Our joints, bones and muscles appreciate extra help as the years go by. Keep in mind that a person with 60 years can lose up to an average of 30% of their muscle mass. Preventing the appearance of pain has a lot to do with how we age and focusing on our daily activities is key.

A flexible extension tube will change the way you clean

Redkey remembered those people who for one reason or another suffer from ailments. Vacuum Redkey F10 that you can buy hereIt has a flexible tube that avoids having to bend down during cleaning, allowing access to all corners and low areas without your back noticing.

This system is activated by pressing a simple button. With which the main tube folds through its central area allowing an angle that makes it easy to access under beds, furniture or tables. Why work for you when she can do it for you? If you do not know the Redkey F10 you can see the review in this link.

Beyond the flexible tube and a great quality in its manufacture that we recommend. The Redkey F10 has more elements to aid in cleaning. In its main head it includes a series of LEDs positioned horizontally that makes seeing the dirt especially easy. It is surprising to activate this element and see a floor that you thought was clean. It’s something that all vacuum cleaners should include.

Beyond comfort, the Redkey F10 has a filter system that consists of 3 different phases to purify the air. Wheels on the head that allow comfortable maneuverability for those who cannot make great efforts and a simple and easy-to-use emptying system. Without a doubt, a vacuum cleaner that we recommend.