Google has been fined by the South Korean authorities with an amount of 207,400 won, about 177 million dollars.

Throughout this year we are seeing how privacy and competition control bodies on mobile platforms are imposing million-dollar fines on large technology corporations.

Thus, after learning recently that WhatsApp had been fined more than 200 million euros for sharing our data with Facebook, now we just learned that Google has followed the same path of this when being fined with almost 200 million dollars for “abusing” with Android.

Google fined $ 200 million

Google receives a new fine for abusing the Android domain of almost 200 million dollars

Google is again fined for abusing the Android domain

As we can read in Android Authority, echoing an information published in the Korean media Korea Herald, Google has received a new fine for alleged anti-competitive behavior by the South Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC).

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The amount of this penalty is 207,400 won, about $ 177 million and it accuses Google of abusing the domain of Android and of drown the competition in the operating system space.

According to the Korea Herald, this fine is related to the demand of the American giant towards the manufacturers of smartphones that obliges them to sign some anti-fragmentation agreements or AFA (anti-fragmentation agreements) that forbid them to install modified versions of Android.

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) states that this practice strengthened Google’s dominance in the mobile operating system space and app stores, clearly hampering their competition in this area.

fine google

This is not the largest fine that Google receives this year

In addition to this sanction, the KFTC has forced Google to withdraw these anti-fragmentation agreements as a requirement to install Android on a mobile terminal.

This sanction may not be the last to receive the big G from the KFTC because this body is investigating Google’s monopoly on the Android Play Store and its billing policy, based on a recent bill that prohibits both Google and Apple from forcing app developers to use specific payment platforms.

Google’s response has not been long in coming and a spokesperson for the American company has stated that Android’s policies have created innovation opportunities for Korean manufacturers and developers allowing them to be successful and this KFTC decision “ignores these benefits and will undermine the benefits that consumers enjoy.”

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This is not the first fine that the American giant receives this year, because in May it received a fine of $ 123 million in Italy for abusing its Android Auto domain and, two months later, he was fined $ 590 million in France for its dealings with news publishers.

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