Bad news for Google Stadia this week.

It seems that Google’s streaming video game platform, Stadia, is not raising its head. At the end of your internal studies, We must add two new news that have left Stadia users quite cold.

On the one hand, one of its main managers leaves the project and on the other hand, one of the titles that were going to reach the platform finally announces that it will not. Undoubtedly a sad day for everyone Those of us who continue to support not only the platform but also video games in the cloud.

Today is all bad news for Google Stadia

Google Stadia controller

We have bad news for Stadia

We start with the news it offers us The Verge and it is that Jack Buser, until now the one who was the Director of Game of Stadia, leave the project. His new role will be in Google Cloud so although he will not work directly in Stadia, he will continue to be related to it according to Google.

In the words of the big G, Stadia will continue to be led by Phil Harrison and Michael Abbattista. However Buser will continue to be an important piece to attract new customers to Google’s cloud services such as YouTube or Stadia itself. However, this will have to be seen in practice.

The other news that has left us somewhat cold is the non-arrival of a game that was already confirmed for the Stadia catalog. As we read in 9to5google, Tchia will not finally join the Google platform because according to its developers, Mountain View business issues. Your final destination will be the PlayStation 5 store and the Epic Games Store.

Tchia is an open world exploration game with beautiful graphics. Surely it was not going to be a game that sells platforms but it was going to be ideal for those who wanted to play a beautiful story relaxed. Luckily we will always have Gylt.

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Despite these blows, the truth is that Google Stadia continues to have more and more users and games in its catalog, so if like us you are lovers of video games, rest assured that Stadia is well worth it.

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