With this redesign, the Google Translate app loses its upper panel to the detriment of a new lower panel that is much more accessible if we operate the terminal with one hand.

One of the google apps more useful in our day to day, in addition to Google Photos, Google Drive or Gmail, is he Google translator, which, such as we anticipated you recently, prepares for his biggest redesign in years with Material You, the new graphical interface of Android 12.

Google Translate Material You

The Google Translate interface will also be redesigned with Material You

This is what Google Translate looks like with Material You

Thanks to the guys at 9to5Google We can now show you the first images from Google Translate with the new Material You design, its first major redesign in the last five years.

How to translate text from photos and images with Google Translate

In the screenshots that we leave you below these lines, you can see that, with this new user interface, the Google translation application has lost its drawer-shaped top panel to the detriment of a bottom panel, much more accessible if we handle the mobile with one hand, in which they are located, in the first place, the options to choose the source language and the target language of the translation and, secondly and just below these, the three alternatives to textual translation: Conversation, Camera and Transcript.

Google Translate gears up for its biggest redesign in years with Material You

Google Translate for Android now puts a greater emphasis on the Transcription option with a button larger than the other two and with a microphone icon in the middle.

As with the rest of the applications of the American giant that have received Material You, the Google Translate tints your entire interface with the colors of our wallpaper, including the list of languages ​​and application settings.

This is the biggest redesign of the Google Translate app since 2016, since in 2018 it received the design of Material Design and last year it was just implemented dark mode in the app.

Android 12: Material You expands to Gmail, Google Calendar, Meet, Drive and the entire Google office suite

This new design with Material You will be available from version 6.23 of Google Translate, which will reach all users when the first official version of Android 12 is released, which will happen, most likely, in a few weeks.

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