Hideo kojima He is one of the great creatives of the video game industry and his ideas seem to be inexhaustible. For example, the creator of Death stranding and the saga Metal gear longs create games that are capable of changing based on parameters of reality. This was stated in an interview with the Japanese media Anan (via VGC).

This does not mean that Hideo Kojima is already working on such a project.; but there could be a real interest for videogame development to evolve in that direction. What the Japanese designer proposes with his premise is that the titles adapt to the realities and moments of each user, instead of being identical for all.

“I want to make games that change in real time. Even when we finally have people of different ages and occupations from all over the world playing the same video game, they all play the same way. Instead, I want to make something that changes based on where they live or how a person thinks, “said Hideo Kojima.

Logically, technical advancement makes it possible to dream of reaching a level of sophistication that is interesting enough for an idea of ​​this type to become a reality. In fact, the renowned filmmaker already knows what it is experiment with external factors that influence the outcome of a game.

Hideo Kojima wants to make games capable of changing in real time

Kojima referred to Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, a game released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance, as a good example of understanding which path the industry could re-explore; Or, at least, from where to start in search of something more elaborate.