How to activate Google’s dark mode in desktop version.

Dark modes are one of the most popular features in the interface of many applications. According to some, the advantage of dark mode is that it saves energy consumption in devices with OLED or AMOLED screens. On the contrary, others claim that abusing in this way it can be harmful to the eye.

Be that as it may, the dark mode is ideal to enjoy our electronic devices in bed at night, which is why many users activate it when they go to bed. Luckily – and it has taken a long time – the desktop version of the Google search engine already has this popular mode although its activation is not as visible as we expected.

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But don’t worry, because it will only take a few seconds to get Google dark mode on your desktop version. Read on to find out how.

How to get Google’s dark mode in desktop version

How to activate dark mode in the Google app

Google also has its dark mode

As we read on 9to5Google the desktop version of has a dark theme. The truth is that it is something hidden and unless you look for it conscientiously you will not find it, but it exists and its activation is really simple.

Access said dark view only it will take us a couple of steps:

– First access the search engine page from, which almost all of us have as our home page.

– Once on this page, we will check that in the lower part to the right there is an option called “Configuration”. Of course, you don’t have to be very smart to know that our next step will be to click on that option.

– Once this is done, a small drop-down will appear where we can activate and deactivate the dark mode at our choice. Easy and simple.,

Dark mode Google desktop version

The dark mode of the Google desktop version is really easy to activate

The desktop version of Google was one of the few services that still did not have dark mode and that is practically all the big G apps on Android already had this option. So if you want to know how to activate the dark view in all Google tools, We leave you a complete article in which it is explained in great detail.

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