Have you got your mobile wet and you want to know how you can get it back? We tell you everything you should do and avoid.

If you are reading this it is because your mobile (or someone else’s) has fallen into the water. Is it possible to recover a wet mobile effectively? Although there are more and more mobile phones that have water resistance, every time we drop our mobile into the toilet (it happens more than you think), into the pool or in the dishwasher, we cannot help but hold our breath. Is everything lost?

In this article we are going to explain how you can fix a mobile that has fallen into the water by recommending you methods that do work. We are going to go step by step with things that you can try on your wet mobile, of course, first of all is keep calm not to screw up. Since it is vital to act with speed and precision, it is best that you stick to the following:

  • Do not turn on the device or use the dryer
  • Dry the mobile on the outside: use absorbent kitchen paper and a microfiber cloth
  • Moderate drying (method 1): put the disassembled mobile (if possible) in rice
  • Moderate drying (method 2): put the disassembled mobile (if possible) in cellulose cat litter
  • Intensive drying (method 1): put the disassembled mobile (if possible) in silica gel
  • Intensive drying (method 2): put the disassembled mobile (if possible) in isopropyl alcohol
  • In parallel to drying, check if your mobile is waterproof

Now that we have resolved the emergency, let’s see the drying process in detail and what you can do to avoid future encounters between your mobile and liquids.

First of all: turn off the device

If the mobile was turned off or it was turned off when it fell into the water, don’t turn it on. If the mobile remains switched on after the dive turn it off immediately. Is vital avoid a possible short circuit, something that if it happens could render our device useless forever. From there, focus on removing all traces of moisture.

mobile wet drop

If your mobile falls into the toilet, would you know how to act?

In the same way, in addition to short circuits, we must focus on avoid corrosion. On this last case, you have to be especially careful with salt water, since this is especially harmful for all the electronics of the mobile. Therefore, if your device has been dropped into the sea, it is recommended immerse it for a second in fresh water before going to the drying phase. You will have to do the same in case your mobile has got wet with some soft drink: sugar is even worse than salty water.

It is important that during drying you continue to keep the mobile off. When can you turn it back on? There really is no way to know as we can never be sure that its interior is completely dry. For this reason, the best thing is that you have patience and wait at least a couple of days. It will always be better to be two or three days without a mobile than not to lose it forever because you want to do things quickly.

Dry your phone like a pro

First of all, dry the mobile with a towel or kitchen paper (don’t use toilet paper). Make sure to remove even the smallest drop of water from the surface of the mobile, avoiding, yes, pressing the physical buttons, as this could cause more water to enter the interior of the mobile. If your mobile is one of those that still has removable battery, take it out and dry it apart as if it were a second mobile.

From here we go to intensive drying, for which different methods can be used. Here, the best known is to put the mobile in rice, something that, as much as it may surprise works quite well, especially if we can disassemble the device and dry it “in pieces”. The ideal is to cover the mobile with rice and leave it at least 48 hours, moving it from time to time.

In case you do not have rice or you prefer to try a somewhat more “novel” technique, know that the cat litter, oats and very especially Silica or silica gel bags they also offer a good result. The latter are sold on Amazon for about 15 euros.

mobile wet dried

In order to dry the mobile well, it is advisable to start with kitchen paper and finish with a microfiber chamois

On the other hand, and although it may sound dangerous, you can also use alcohol to dry the mobile. Of course, not just any alcohol will work: you will have to use isopropyl alcohol, a type of alcohol is used mainly as a disinfectant and cleaner and can be purchased in almost any pharmacy.

When we have the isopropyl alcohol we will have to immerse the mobile in it for a few seconds and let it evaporate completely. Of course the mobile must be off and if possible also disassembled. The plan is for the alcohol to wash away any water that may have entered the mobile as well as any remaining moisture.

Finally, a tip to dry your mobile: even if it sounds contradictory don’t use the dryer. Many times this is the first solution that comes to mind, however, it is not recommended at all since heat is the main enemy of your mobile, in addition to the fact that the only thing that will do dryer air, at best, it will be displace water inside your device.

Likewise, forget about bringing your mobile closer to a radiator or stove, since the excess heat could to damage some of the most fragile components of the device.

Find out if your device can be submerged

Today, a very large percentage of mobile phones have resistance to water and dust, a characteristic that is credited with what we know as IP certification (in English Ingress Protection). This IP certification is regulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission and serves to assign the device a certain degree of water resistance.

Therefore, the first advice we can give you is not to panic and find out if the wet mobile has this water resistance or IP certification. If you do not have access to the manufacturer’s box or the manual, the easiest thing is to Google the name of the mobile next to the term “water resistance” or “IP certification”.

What are the differences between an IP67 and an IP68 mobile?

Simplifying the matter a lot, you want your device to have IP54 or IP64 certification onwards (IP55, IP56, IP57, IP58, etc.). From IP57 and IP67 we would be facing a theoretically submersible device (logically in moderation, only a few seconds and at shallow depth), so if that is the case of your wet mobile, dry it well on the outside and turn it on again: it will work.

Samsung Galaxy XCover

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is one of Samsung’s most resistant phones, and yes, it is completely waterproof

To give you an idea, mobiles like the iPhone 11, the Samsung Galaxy S21, the OnePlus 9 Pro, the Huawei P30 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy A72 they are water resistant. For this reason, if you are only reading this article out of curiosity, we recommend that you look for the exact degree of water resistance of your mobile to save yourself future headaches.

A good tip is to install on your Android Water Resistance Test, a free app that lets you know the degree of water resistance of your device, informing you, among other things, of the status of the seal.

What about the warranty?

If you had hopes that the manufacturer or the establishment where you bought the mobile phone will give you a cable with the problem, we are sorry to inform you that it won’t be like that. Although it sounds harsh, a wet mobile is sole responsibility of the user and it constitutes a perfect example of “misuse”. For this reason, in case your mobile gets wet, the warranty is completely void.

And be careful, do not think that you can take the mobile to repair and trust that they do not realize it, since the device houses a small mechanism that warns the technicians that the interior has entered in contact with water. Thus, the warranty will be voided and will touch pay for the repair… If it can be repaired.

mobile repair

Water completely invalidates your device’s warranty. And no, cheating the technical service is not an option

For this reason, beyond the guarantee, the only hope is in the insurance. We know that it is not usual to take out mobile insurance since these usually have a cost that rarely compensates. Likewise, it should be noted that insurance won’t always cover water damage. Either way, check if you hired one at the time and if so, do not hesitate to take advantage of it.

How to prevent our mobile from getting wet and how to anticipate disaster

As we discussed at the beginning of this guide, the easiest solution is through opt for a waterproof device at the time of buying our a mobile. Today practically any high-end (more or less from 500 or 600 euros) already has a resistance to water that goes beyond simple splashes, even enduring multi-minute dives. Of course, don’t freak out either, remember that today no mobile is 100% submersible no matter how much the manufacturer says.

On the other hand, although IP certification is not present as such, there are more and more mid-range and even low-mid-range mobiles that have some water resistance. Not enough to take them to the pool but enough that survive a few drops of rain or even an express dip.

For this reason, the first advice is that choose your next device wisely. If, on the other hand, you are not thinking of changing your mobile phone in the short term, check what kind of protection has your current mobile. Maybe you will have a pleasant surprise …

For older people, and regardless of the mobile you may have, if you are a person who is near water due to his work or hobbies (for example, a lifeguard or someone who practices surfing), without a doubt the most advisable thing is to take out insurance that allow us to sleep peacefully. Additionally, if we are going to visit the beach or the pool sporadically, it can also be a very good idea to get a waterproof case in which to put our mobile. They are sold on Amazon for just over 10 euros and they are really useful.

Finally, you can also try putting a waterproof housing. Bear in mind, of course, that they can be somewhat cumbersome for the day to day and that it is not easy to find them for all models, not to mention their price, which fluctuates between 30 and 50 euros.

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