Is it difficult to share your Amazon Prime Video account? We tell you everything you need to know about sharing your account with other people.

Today it is very common share accounts on streaming content platforms, becoming an excellent alternative for those who seek lower costs and pay less for the same service.

This is not an illegal practice, in fact, platforms like Netflix, HBO GO, Disney + and properly Amazon Prime Video they allow it, as long as it is done under their methods and conditions.

How account sharing (right) on Amazon Prime Video is legal

How to Share Account (Right) on Amazon Prime Video: Is It Legal?

In this sense, if you are thinking of share your Amazon Prime Video account With friends or family, we recommend you take a look at the information that we tell you below and thus be able to fully enjoy it legal and safe.

How to share (well) account on Netflix: is it safe? And legal?

Is it possible to share an Amazon Prime Video account?

The first thing to keep in mind is that each platform streaming content It has its own regulations against this type of practice. For instance, Netflix admits until creation of different profiles under the same account.

It is possible to share an Amazon Prime Video account

Amazon supports up to 3 devices under the Household mode

Now, in the specific case of Prime Video, the situation changes considerably. Amazon only allows simultaneous playback of content up to 3 devices under the Household mode.

What is Household by Amazon Prime Video and how does it work?

Surely you are wondering, what is this about Household? Well, it is an option that Amazon Prime Video leaves at your disposal to share “certain benefits” with other people who previously registered.

Its operation is based on send an invitation via email to that person with whom you want to share benefits from your account. Of course, not everything is as simple as you think.

What is Amazon Prime Video household and how does it work

Subscribe to Amazon Household and enjoy its benefits

Let’s go, Amazon is very strict about share these types of services, and to be able to use Household you must meet certain requirements, such as, live in the same Country or region and share the preferred amazon website to create the profile.

However, this functionality is currently available for USA, so that in Spain it is not active and, in order to share your Prime subscription you must give access to that person you want with your email and password, something that is banned by amazon.

How to share a Prime Video account with Amazon Household?

In any case, share an Amazon Prime Video account Using the Household option is very simple, just follow the steps shown below to achieve it:

  • The first thing you should do is enter your Amazon account and go to section “Amazon Household”.
  • Next, choose the type of invitation (you can share the benefits with adult, child or adolescent).
  • Now enter the name and email address of the person to invite. Once the information is completed, click on “Continue”.
How to share a Prime Video account with Amazon Household

Invite someone you live with to share benefits

  • In this step, Amazon will request both users share your wallet to ensure whether it is a family account or a trusted person. Then press “Agree” and send.
2-How to share a Prime Video account with Amazon Household

Share your wallet to confirm that you live together

  • When you finish the process, the guest will have a 14 day span to accept the application and thus enjoy the benefits in question.

What are the risks of sharing your Amazon Prime Video account?

We have told you that Amazon Prime Video It is a platform different from the other alternatives that you can find in the market. Mainly, because the service comprises a set of extras that are not present in another service.

What are the risks of sharing your Amazon Prime Video account

Sharing with friends and family Amazon Prime Video is very easy, but you must take the risks

Therefore, keep in mind that when share your profile (email + password) you are not just giving access to Prime Video, but to the Amazon platform, which includes your order list or your personal data and even your payment and bank details.

For this reason it is not a recommended practice (unless it is through the Household or with a family member or very trusted person) if you want to protect your information and maintain the highest possible security.

How to securely share Amazon Prime Video account with others?

Despite everything that we have told you, there is another very interesting and simple option that can help you share your Amazon Prime Video account and therefore, to pay less for the service.

This option is about Togheter Price, a platform that helps you find other people who want to hire the same subscription services as you and share a profile safely and totally legal.

How to share Amazon Prime Video account safely with others

Togheter Price: an alternative to get Amazon Prime Video cheaper

This way, you could pay less for the service. Keep in mind that the Amazon Prime price It is 3.99 euros / month or 36 euros / year if you subscribe to the service on your own. However, this can go down to a third with this platform.

The process is very, very simple, you just have to enter the website and register as a user. Once this is done, you will have to choose whether “Create a group” or “Become an administrator”.

Subsequently, choose from the list of subscription services Amazon Prime Video and add the number of positions that will be available to share, in this case remember that it is a maximum of two.

In this way, other people will join the group and you will share the service and they will also split the payment. For example, when share 2 accounts, each month you will receive a total of 2.66 euros for your 2 members achieving that the final price is reduced to 1.33 euros.

The platform itself will be in charge of discounting the payment of your joiner and assigning them to your Wallet so that they are always available when you need to renew the service.

As you will see, it is very easy to share your Amazon Prime Video account as long as you do it under the company’s rules. Either way, we leave you a very useful alternative that you will surely love.

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We hope this information has been very useful, and if you have any other legal tips, do not forget to share with us and thus continue helping more people.

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