This original charger will only be available in China.

Do you know the Minions? They are the friendly helpers of “Gru, my favorite villain” and without a doubt, one of the favorite characters of thousands of people thanks to their sweetness and how fun they are.

Now ZTE, the popular Chinese brand, has launched a nice mobile charger that will not only delight the little ones but also for all fans of these adorable characters.

You will want to charge your smartphone with this adorable charger

ZTE minion charger

This minion charger is awesome

As we read in Gizmochina, ZTE has announced a series of accessories based on the minions, among which this original charger called nubia x minions 65W Biscuit Charger. It is a somewhat strange name but once you see it you will want to have one.

This ZTE charger is nailed to a minion, but the important thing is that it is a 65W charger that has two USB type C ports, which makes it possible to charge up to two devices at the same time. Of course it is compatible with practically all smartphones on the market.

And since its design is a magnet for the little ones, this minion charger comes with protection against overvoltages, overcurrents, high temperatures and short circuits so we will always be safe if we leave the mobile charging on the wall.

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Regarding the price, about 46 dollars. It is not a high price considering its characteristics and its design. Now, it’s time to talk about the bad. The ZTE charger will only be available in China and seeing the precedents, we doubt that it will officially reach international markets. The solution? Import it. We’re sorry.