Mobile prices will rise in 2022.

The story of all the years. With each new generation of smartphone that hits the market, we see how the specifications, the photographic section and even the construction materials are improved. Although the evolution is not really remarkable, the price is. Or what is the same, every year the phones are more expensive.

And if we thought that the price of smartphones would peak at some point … It seems that it will not be next year either. Guilty? The increase in the price of processors.

2022 will not be the year in which the price of mobile phones goes down

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Smartphone prices will rise in 2022

If you want a high-end smartphone you already know what you have to do, pay about 1,000 euros. The problem with this comes when the following year they are no longer 1,000 euros (or dollars) but the price has increased. You know, new technologies like 5G, better processors, higher quality photographic sensors … everything adds up when setting a new price.

However, the price of phones in 2022 will rise for other reasons as Nikkei reports. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.) is the company that controls more than half of the global chip and processor manufacturing market, and also is preparing the largest price increase for its components in years.

To give you an idea, TSMC manufactures for companies as important as Apple, Nvidia or Qualcomm itselfThis means that if this company sells more expensively to brands, the latter will affect the increase in the final price of the product. In other words, smartphones will be more expensive because Apple, Samsung and the rest of the brands have bought more expensively from TSMC.

At the moment it’s too early to know how this price increase will affect consumers, but if you were thinking of acquiring a high-end phone this year 2022 cheaper than previous years, we regret to be the bearers of such bad news.

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