Battery is one of the most important aspects when evaluating any phone. And the just presented iPhone 13 is no exception to this rule. We have not yet had a chance to test these products to see how they perform in real life. Nevertheless, yes we can begin to imagine what the situation could be thanks to the data that Apple usually publishes in their website.

These data obviously do not count the entire hihistory. They focus on a series of specific tasks that do not have to precisely exemplify the use that a person can make of the telephone later. And it is that the consumption of a mobile is not the same playing video as editing an image, making a call or running a video game. However, as I said, these figures are useful to start to get an idea about where the shots could go with these new iPhone 13.

Specifically, We have compared the data of the iPhone 13 with the different versions of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. This is the resulting image: