As every year, the entrepreneurial event par excellence kicks off. And like every year, the meeting –scheduled from October 5 to 7– begins with the presentation of the Entrepreneurship Map. The South Summit 2021, which comes from a decaf 2020 with its 100% online version, wants to recover the best of mass events.

María Benjumea, founder of Startup Spain and creator of the meeting, has been clear: “If we talk about business, this cannot be done online, we have to see each other.” Despite keeping all options online for the meeting, South Summit 2021 wants to set the trend for post-pandemic encounters. It could be said that from the outcome of the entrepreneurs’ event, we will be able to see how the rest of the events evolve one year from now. A fact of vital importance when for next February-March 2022 the Mobile World Congress wants to regain its brilliance of yesteryear.

The first data from the South Summit 2021

As every year, South Summit prepares a Map that aims to analyze the evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the data extracted from the almost more than 3,800 startups that are summoned to the different challenges of the meeting, the event tries to analyze the evolution of the group.

As always, the entrepreneur’s data by necessity is buried. “There was an urban legend about entrepreneurship as a refuge for the workers we have left behind,” says Salvador Aragón, professor of Innovation at IE University. The reality is that most entrepreneurs are serial creators; almost 60%. The remaining 40% are part of the group that has identified a market opportunity precisely by working on other small technology companies.

Despite everything, we continue to maintain the customs of yesteryear. The founders of startups are highly qualified men –16% of them with doctorates behind them–, between 25 and 34 years old and the same trend is maintained as in previous meetings: middle-aged men. What about women? For South Summit 2021, after 8 years of annual meetings, it remains their eternal pending account.