Spoilers for Lucifer from now on. Proceed with caution

Lucifer from Netflix came to his final chapter and surprised a good part of his fans. Especially for the plot twist which led the main characters into an unpredictable situation. After Lucifer (Tom Ellis) found his “calling” to save souls in Hell, he ended up parting ways with Chloe (Lauren German) in a heartbreaking scene. But in addition, the show took the risk of take its mythological context to another level. One so spacious and well-constructed that it gave the story an iconic ending.

But things could be very different. How they counted for Collider Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, the great outcome was the result of several fortunate events. In particular, a surprise renewal of the series while both were writing season 5 and until then, the final. So the producer-writer duo had to dig into their first ideas for the final installment. In addition to creating a way to splice several stories at once to create something completely new.

The solution? An unexpected plot pirouette, which included the arrival of Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), the adult daughter of Lucifer from the future. Besides that, the Show created his own rules for time travel. The result was a tribute not only to the story, but to the fans and their characters. Each of them received a satisfying ending, as well as a kind look at their nature, whatever it was. But especially, the character of Lucifer grew and matured in a whole new (and unforeseen) way in the early drafts of the show.

Lucifer, grow, mature and fly

According to Modrovich, in the first scripts of season five, almost all the events of season six were included. But instead of the deep and moving development, there was something rushed. The showrunner revealed to Collider that season six allowed them to make more creative decisions about it.

“I feel like it was a cathartic season. We were really able to pass the time to say goodbye to these characters that we love. Maze and Eve, in our original season 5 mini-finale, were going to get on a motorcycle and ride into the sunset. But we had a wedding to celebrate. We also have to have a complete journey with them. That is true for all our characters ”, commented Modrovich