On September 30, the 2021 edition of the Tokyo Game Show will begin in digital format … and Nintendo confirms that it will not attend the event.

After an intense summer with E3 2021 and Gamescom 2021, there is still room for an upcoming video game event. Will be next September 30th when the Tokyo Game Show 2021, although with important absences.

To the Tokyo video game fair Companies such as Xbox (with its own showcase), Sega, Bandai Namco or Square Enix will attend… but Nintendo will not attend. This has been confirmed by the Kyoto company in an official statement.

The particularity of this 2021 edition of the Tokyo Game Show is that will once again be a digital event, although Nintendo has never paid special attention to this fair. In this way, we will not see the next Big N games during the event on September 30.

Nintendo’s console continues to be one of the best-selling in the world. It has a wide catalog of exclusive games and is the first hybrid console that can play games on TV or in handheld mode without cuts.

Of course, Nintendo has qualified that it will cooperate with companies and studios. This means that they will be displayed games coming to Nintendo Switch later this year and in 2022, but none of a first party character.

This announcement does not surprise us (Sony will not attend either), since Nintendo’s history with the Tokyo Game Show is quite small. Except in the year 2005, when the legendary Satoru Iwata introduced the Nintendo Wii console and the innovative Wii mote.

Famitsu herself also revealed that Nintendo had another leading role in the 2001 edition. In this fair he presented Game Boy Music, a new title for the notebook, which would finally be canceled … and reconverted into Daigasso! Band Brothers, for Nintendo DS.

Therefore, the absence of Nintendo at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 does not surprise us too much. Of course, an insider points out that the Kyoto company will celebrate a new Nintendo Direct this month, what at the moment it is just a rumor and has not been confirmed.

The Tokyo Game Show 2021 will begin next September 30, and we already know the event schedule. Perhaps the highlight is the Xbox Showcase, which will reveal important game news for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10.

This article was published in Hobby consoles by Ángel Morán Santiago.