A laser engraver at your fingertips thanks to this AliExpress offer.

If you already have your foot in the world of 3d printers, you may be interested in taking a look at this curious offer: you can get a laser engraver by less than 500 euros. We are talking about a type of product that usually has a professional utility, but that for some time has made the leap to the public more mainstream. All this thanks to Chinese manufacturers like Ortur, which, in addition to 3D printers, also develop multipurpose diode laser engravers so that anyone can “tinker” and create at home.

The model we are echoing today is the Laser Master 2 Pro, the brand’s leading laser engraver. With it, any user will be able to get into laser engraving, since, in addition to being tremendously easy to use, has a competitive sea price, thanks above all to a generous discount on AliExpress: it’s yours since 468 euros.

What you can do with the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro

Ortur’s laser engraver has a very attractive price

As can be seen on Ortur’s YouTube channel imagination is the only limit for this curious machine. The Laser Master 2 Pro is capable of engraving any design on countless surfaces, such as:

  • Wood– You can customize anything from a guitar to a chessboard.
  • Aluminum– Record on a thermos, on metal plates or on the cover of a laptop.
  • Leather– Customize a leather jacket or customize your boots.
  • Glass and porcelain– Add a special touch to your beer mug or your Sunday dinnerware.
  • Paper and paperboard: applies both to make your photos something more special and to create original cards.
  • Plastic: ideal for personalizing your mobile phone case.
  • Bread: Yes, you read it right, bread. Just below these lines you can see a video of this curious utility.

Regarding its operation and use, we will only tell you that if you are used to 3D printers you will have no problem configuring the engravings. Otherwise, of course, you will have to waste a little time with its instruction manual, especially to assemble the machine for the first time, something that takes about 15 minutes.

Otherwise, it has a special firmware that makes the laser go at full speed and at the same time work in a safe, promising professional quality results. its modular aluminum body ensures that the entire engraving process runs smoothly accurate and rattle-free.

Fast and reliable, this laser engraver can be the perfect ally for a creative mind or start a new hobby. Remember that the discount is limited so it will only last a few days. Afterwards, the price will rise to the usual 600-700 euros.

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