The next thing for realme will be a TV Stick with Google TV inside.

The Google Chromecast with Google TV was one of the most popular Google launches of the past year, for its reduced price and its ability to transform any television into a Smart TV, with all the possibilities it provides Google tv.

Now, another brand wants to follow the same steps as Google by launching a stick 4K HDMI with Google TV inside.

Is about realme, which does not seem to be content with being the mobile brand that grows the most globally, and that he now plans to launch his first Google TV Stick on the market.

Realme TV Stick with Google TV

Realme will be the next brand to join the Android TV Stick craze.

Realme’s Google TV stick, confirmed in a promotional image

The device has been confirmed in a promotional image, shared by the Twitter user Utsav Techie, and extracted from promotional material of realme destined for India.

It is speculated that the device will be the first stick with Google TV launched in India, although it is not clear if it will reach the rest of the world.

Of the device itself, there is not much to tell: its appearance is similar to any other Android TV Stick, including connector HDMI and what appears to be a USB Type C socket on one of its sides.

The stick is built in plastic and has a matte black finish.

If it came true soon, the realme stick would become the unique Google TV stick available in the market beyond the Google Chromecast. Do not forget that Google TV and Android TV are two different things, despite being based on the same platform.

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