Launched on the market just a few weeks ago, the Redkey F10 It has become a wireless vacuum cleaner to take into account that today we are going to present to you. Join us on a complete tour of all the characteristics and our impressions of a product with good benefits that you are surely interested in knowing.

The Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner has everything you need for your day to day

Before delving into the subject and begin to reel off all the details and characteristics of this product, you should know that the Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner It is a model that comes to offer a complete product in those places where you need a vacuum cleaner with good performance and excessive extras. Both its accessories and its features are balanced to offer what we know as the “3B”.

The segment of automatic vacuum cleaners has changed a lot in recent years. We have witnessed a continuous evolution of models that have improved existing features with each launch, offering more and more attractive products to buyers.

Careful features that make it a balanced model

The Redkey F10 is a very complete model that stands out mainly for its balance in every sense. Good materials, good performance and an acceptable selection of features and accessories. This model falls within the range of 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaners. This means that we can give it different characteristics depending on the tube we are using, long or short.

On one side has a long folding extension arm designed to vacuum standing up and comfortably reach any corner without adopting uncomfortable postures. This arm has a central hinge specially designed to flex the tube through its central part, allowing it to reach under furniture, tables, beds or sofas without effort.

The arm or short extender with a rubber tip will allow us to use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner, perfect for use inside the car, or in those hard-to-reach corners, such as joints or window rails. Both tubes are made of metal and we really liked the quality of their finishes.

It also includes the motorized head, a short brush head and the bracket to hang it on the wall.

A body with good finishes and quality characteristics

Without a doubt, the most important part of the Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner is its main body. In it we find all the elements that make a difference, such as the motor, the battery or the control panel.

The F10 is a model with good finishes. Its main body is made of plastic that is pleasant to the eye and to the touch. Its dark tones and bright details put it in an advantageous position over other models on the market. Inside we find a motor of 400W and 23,000 Pa of suction. The control panel allows us to choose up to 5 different power levels that are very useful to adapt to each situation while taking care of the battery life. In addition, it has a last automatic mode that selects the required power in relation to a detection sensor incorporated in the motor input. The aspect that perhaps we liked the least is the sound, since without being something remarkable or scandalous, it is not a particularly silent engine and it stands at 75 decibels on average.

In the filtering section, the Redkey F10 has a double filtering system that exceeds 99% efficiency with a mesh filter for coarser dirt and an anti-particulate system that takes care of the fine work eliminating dust and mites. Both can be washed with water, something that does not happen in other models, limiting the useful life of the filters.

Removable battery and a very complete head to reach every corner

In addition to a 600ml tank for easy emptying, the main body of the Redkey F10 has a hole to insert the battery removable that brings this cordless vacuum cleaner to life. For us this element is differentiating. Having the possibility of replacing the battery generates a double benefit, on the one hand, being able to replace it easily without having to throw away the entire product in case of breakdown or wear and on the other hand, being able to acquire extra batteries that allow us to extend the autonomy as much as we want. The chosen model is a 7-cell, 25.2 V, 2,500 mAh battery made by Samsung.

Regarding the autonomy of the product, the manufacturer declares 60 minutes of continuous use in optimal conditions. We have managed about 54 minutes in its most relaxed mode. Charging time is around 5 hours on average.

Its main head is motorized and has wheels. This means that like other models on the market, it has a brush that rotates to improve performance during use. In this case and as in other parts of this vacuum cleaner, we find an easily anchored system that allows the brush to be easily removed and also has front lighting LEDs to illuminate the darkest corners.

Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner review

If you liked the Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner and want to get hold of it you can buy it here. You will enjoy a 2-year warranty, fast shipping.

As a general conclusion, the Redkey F10 is a very good quality vacuum cleaner that strikes a good balance between what it offers and what it costs. We liked its materials, as well as its operation, satisfactorily complying with cleaning in any home. The duration of its battery, its suction power and the versatility of its accessories make this model a cordless vacuum cleaner that you should take into account.