They are not only capable of disinfecting themselves: the LG Tone Free FP8 also stand out for a good sound quality and an effective noise cancellation system.

Maybe LG has exited the smartphone market, but that does not mean that the South Korean company has completely bypassed the industry of the electronics pocket-size.

In recent years, the firm has been getting more and more into the field of wireless headphones with its LG Tone Free series, and FP8 They are one of the most recent installments in this series.

The LG Tone Free are located in the top of the range headphones true wireless by LG, by having advances such as active noise cancellation, a high-quality “Meridian” audio system and the now famous UVNano technology, which makes these headphones one of the only headphones in their class that are capable of “Cleanse” alone thanks to ultraviolet rays capable of disinfecting them when stored in their case.

LG Tone Free FP8 out of its case

The LG Tone Free FP8 are available in three colors, including black / Image: Christian Collado

LG Tone Free FP8, opinion and Andro4all score

LG Tone Free FP8, opinion and note from Andro4all
Should you buy the LG Tone Free FP8?
In favor
  • Good build quality
  • Balanced audio
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Comfortable design
  • Precise and highly configurable controls
  • Good autonomy
Conclusions The LG Tone Free FP8 are comfortable and light headphones, with good sound and a precise cancellation system. To this must be added some other useful and convenient function, such as “whisper mode” or automatic disinfection. Their price, yes, does not make them the most competitive in their segment.

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Good, beautiful … and clean

Price of the LF Tone Free FP8 and where to buy them

LG Tone Free FP 8 can be purchased from authorized dealers such as The English Court, yet price of 179 euros. Unfortunately, they are not easy to find in other common stores.

They are available in three different colors: white, black and gold.

Where are the LG Tone FREE FP8 located?

LG’s FP series consists of several models. FP8s are the second most expensive fully wireless headphone model of the family, although differences with respect to FP9, whose price is higher, are few.

For that reason, we consider that Tone Free FP8 can be the most interesting option within the LG catalog, for those who are looking for some fully wireless noise-canceling headphones, a simple design and good quality audio.

Among its alternatives, we can find models such as OnePlus Buds Pro, slightly cheaper than these headphones; or the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Both provide a slightly higher audio experience to that of the LG, although they do not enjoy so many features extra like Korean headphones.

LG Tone Free black

The LG Tone Free FP8 inside their charging case / Image: Christian Collado


The appearance of the LG Tone Free FP8 is not too far from industry standards. Its format is reminiscent of other famous headphones, such as Apple AirPods Pro or the OnePlus Buds Pro.

What is clear is that it’s a design that works. Not only are they elegant and well-built, but the ergonomics stands out as one of its strengths, being one of the pairs of totally wireless headphones more comfortable than have passed through my ears.

In that sense, it should be mentioned that his in-ear format implies the existence of silicone tips, in this case made with a medical grade hypoallergenic material, and available in three different sizes to be able to choose the one that best fits our ear canal.

The headphones are protected against splashes thanks to a certification level IPX4so they should not suffer excessively when wearing them in the rain or during an intense sport session. In that sense, I have to say that headphones have remained motionless in my ears during training sessions, which says a lot about its ergonomics and makes it clear that, as LG claims, the Tone Free FP8 have been designed based on the analysis of multiple types of different ear canals.

LG Tone Free FP8 Case

The LG Tone Free FP8 case has an unusual (but comfortable) circular format / Image: Christian Collado

The headphone body is constructed of plastic, as is the charging case. This, however, has a “rubbery” finish that is very pleasant to the touch, although it makes the dirt and scratches get marked more easily than they should. In any case, I appreciate that LG has opted for a matte finish, and not shiny like other competing models.

Said case has a circular shape, not too common but quite comfortable, both for size – 54.5mm diameter– as by weight and thickness.

The great peculiarity of these headphones is precisely inside its case. In each of the holes used to place the headphones for charging, it is possible to find the UVNano ultraviolet light cleaning system, located right next to some blue LED lights, which serve as “courtesy lights” when they light up after opening the case.

In LG’s words, the UVNano system is capable of kill 99.9% of bacteria present in headphones with only 5 minutes exposure to UV light. Cleaning is done when the case is charging -Both wired and wireless- and the headphones are inside, and one of the LEDs located on the outside of the case They tell us when the disinfection process is taking place.


Meridian has been the specialized audio company chosen by LG for fine-tune the sound system of your FP8 and FP9 headphones. And the truth is that the decision could not have been more successful.

The headphones provide a balanced sound experience, which stands out for its strong bass, thanks to the system Flex Action Bass.

To that we must add a effective noise cancellation system, both active and passive thanks to the good insulation provided by the silicone tips. Without reaching the level of noise suppression of models like the Galaxy Buds Pro, the result is more than convincing and I am afraid it will not leave users of LG’s new headphones dissatisfied.

A “transparency mode” is also included, which gives the possibility of hear what happens around by amplifying the sound from outside using the microphones built into the headphones. The operation is good, and it is undoubtedly one of the essential functions in this type of headphones.

LG Tone Free FP8 in black

The headphones stand out for their reduced weight and a comfortable format / Image: Christian Collado

Like other recently released headphones, the LG Tone Free FP8 also includes a low latency mode which LG has dubbed “Game Mode”. When activated, the lag between audio and video is slightly reduced, although sometimes we find some short audio cuts.

Although undoubtedly the more interesting “experimental” function introduced by LG in these headphones is the whisper mode. With this mode, it is possible talking on the phone in a low voice –For those situations in which there is an audience around us–, simply holding the right ear close to the mouth. This is a neat feature that has come in handy for me several times during these weeks of testing.

Autonomy and load

FP8s are at the top of the headphone rating true wireless in what to autonomy refers, by being able to reach about ten hours of use uninterrupted when active noise cancellation mode is not used. With this mode activated, the autonomy has been reduced until reaching a six and half hours.

In addition, the charging case offers another fourteen hours in total, thanks to its battery of 390 mAh integrated. And in just five minutes of charging, can provide up to an hour of autonomy to headphones.

The base can be charge via USB Type-C, or via a Qi-compliant wireless charger.

LG Tone Free FP8

Thanks to the charging case, it is possible to reach 14 hours of autonomy / Image: Christian Collado

User experience: software and controls

Each headset has a touch panel on the back, intended to control audio playback and some of the headphone functions. Depending on the gesture made, one action or another will be carried out:

  • Press once: resume or pause music / answer calls
  • Press twice: control volume / end a call in progress
  • Press three times: go to the next track
  • Long press: switch between ambient sound and noise cancellation mode

The controls are accurate and fast, and it seemed smart to me that the touch panel of the headphones is identified by a small “bulge”, which makes it easier to find the control area with your finger when wearing it.

Also, unlike other headphone models, The Tone Free FP8 allows you to configure each of the gestures and controls individually, being able to choose what will happen when each of the headphones is touched once, twice or three times.

LG Tone Free FP8 control app

The LG Tone Free FP8 can be controlled through the LG TONE Free app / Image: Christian Collado

To modify these settings, it is necessary to resort to the application TONE Free by LG, available on Google Play and App Store. The app has a simple and neat design, and among other things, allows access the equalizer, update the firmware of the headphones, change the noise cancellation mode and surround sound, or activate experimental features such as game mode or whisper mode.

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