Holidays and travel are always a positive thing. Every year we look forward to traveling. Did you know that technology can help you enjoy the summer in a comfortable way? For this we have wanted to group in this article a varied selection of products that will make you enjoy your trips much more.

Mosquito repellants

First of all, always carry a repellent against mosquitoes. The warmer areas and the months of the year with higher temperatures have as a common denominator the proliferation of mosquitoes and other insects that can cause bites. To avoid this, technology makes it very easy for us. Now we can find products such as mosquito repellants from well-known brands such as Xiaomi.

This product is reusable, runs for weeks non-stop, and takes up little space.

Electric toothbrushes for oral hygiene

When you visit a new city or country, one of the most important things is to enjoy its gastronomy. Typical foods and drinks are essential, but what about your oral hygiene? To facilitate this step we find portable electric brushes.

A good example of this product can be found in the Oclean X Pro Elite. One of the smartest brushes on the market. Its positive points are several, but among them, its battery life stands out. With this brush you can go on a trip and with a load of 3.5 hours you will enjoy 35 days of use. As if this were not enough, you can recharge it with the same wireless charger as your Apple devices, a feature that avoids having to carry additional chargers with you. You can buy it here.

It has a vibration system with a 42,000rpm brushless motor, professional cells and a color LCD screen to program your intelligent brushing systems.

The Oclean X Pro Elite has a mobile application where you can program up to 32 brushing modes and you can control your oral hygiene in a comfortable and modern way. You no longer have to give up the best performance.

Geolocation and communication systems

The more adventurous need devices that guarantee their safety when traveling to remote or lost places. On those hiking routes or high mountain walks, having a geolocation device allows you to know where you are and also that they will find you in case of a possible emergency.

There are many occasions when you can find yourself in unexpected situations, suffering fortuitous accidents that put you in a delicate situation. To avoid this type of problem, among other systems, it is always recommended to carry an extra security and connection device. This will allow you to communicate or be located. Carrying two phones does not seem to be the best option for space and comfort, but there is a device that fulfills this task perfectly and also gives you clear and concise information about your mountain activity. It is a good smartwatch.

An example may be the HONOR Watch GS Pro, a smartwatch specially designed for the more adventurous that has vital features such as geolocation or the ability to include its own 4G network to call or contact help. Its design is modern, comfortable and especially resistant. Something simple to wear on your wrist and that you will appreciate. Also, of course, it includes all the capabilities of a next-generation smartwatch in terms of health control and body monitoring.

Portable disinfection lamps

Although luckily the pandemic is disappearing and each time we are closer to the end, we have learned something important. Hygiene and disinfection are important and that is why a new series of portable products have appeared that help us to this end.

In this case, a good option is found in the disinfection lamps. Thanks to the use of the light produced by ozone, it kills bacteria.