Samsung has launched a new function that allows you to increase the RAM memory of the mobile through an update. It’s called RAM Plus and it’s debuted on the Galaxy A52s 5G.

All mobiles have a RAM memory that we can know by consulting the specifications offered by the manufacturer. This is an important piece of information to take into account, since it is vital to use several apps at the same time, move powerful games or handle large files.

Until very recently, RAM in smartphones was a fixed parameter, it can no longer be physically expanded on these devices. But, in recent months, brands have come up with a formula to bypass this physical limit and boost memory.

The solution that brands have chosen to expand the RAM of their mobiles is the Virtual RAM, which consists of using part of the internal storage memory as RAM. This can be done through a software feature that vivo, Oppo, realme or realme have already implemented. Xiaomi.

In view of the advantages of this solution, Samsung has also adopted this formula in one of its latest mobiles, the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G which was officially presented a few weeks ago.

When it was announced, the South Korean company indicated that the Galaxy A52s 5G came with some additional features. Among them stands out RAM Plus, an optimized memory expansion feature to allow applications and games to run faster and more efficiently.

As stated by the specialized media Sam Mobile, Samsung has started rolling out the RAM Plus feature on the Galaxy A52s 5G through a firmware update. The update has been released in India, and at the moment we do not know when it will be available in other territories.

After installing the update, thanks to the RAM Plus function the device receives an additional 4 GB of RAM memory, which are added to those already available from the factory (6 or 8 GB, depending on the model).

Virtual memory is a very interesting feature to be able to optimize mobile performance easily and surely we will start to see it more frequently.