If you have a Samsung smartphone with 4GB of RAM or less, you may soon receive an update to “expand” its memory.

Brands like realme, vivo, OPPO or Xiaomi were among the first to adopt the virtual RAM memory on your mobiles, as a way to “speed up” in a way the operation of the operating system, using internal storage space as RAM memory.

The reception seems to have been positive. So much so that more and more brands decide to join and incorporate this function into their mobiles. Samsung seems to be the next to do so, and some of its more recent mobiles, such as the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, you are already receiving the update that includes the “RAM Plus” function.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G screen in hand

The Samsung Galaxy A52 includes the RAM Plus function.

The “RAM Plus” comes to Samsung mobile phones, starting with the Galaxy A52s

At the moment, it has not been confirmed what models of Samsung smartphones will receive the update with the RAM Plus function. However, first clues suggest that those models that have 4 GB of RAM or less will be the models eligible for the upgrade.

Broadly speaking, the function seems to be similar to what is already possible to find in other terminals of different brands, since it consists of a technique that takes part of the free internal storage space of the device, to use it as RAM memory and improve, in theory, its performance.

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The update with the RAM Plus function has already started to reach Samsung’s mid-range, with the Galaxy A52s being the first to be updated with this feature. It is to be expected that, as the weeks go by, more and more models will receive the new version.

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