Social networks are gaining strength every day, millions of users use them daily and it is recommended to take a break from time to time. In fact, Facebook itself recommends not only to spend time with family or productivity, but also for mental health.

The likes, visits, etc. It has become a burden for certain people who want to be popular, and it has been shown that it can cause high levels of stress and depression if the expected results of the users are not obtained.

Facebook adds Silent Mode, what is it about?

Due to this issue, Facebook has added a new “Silent Mode” timer to help users reduce their time on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. Enabling Silent Mode, as indicated, will silence notifications for the specified time.

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Once active, if you try to open the application, it will remember that Silent Mode is still present with a shortcut to manage the configuration of this functionality. What’s more, coincides with the pandemic that we are suffering in many countries, so it may have to do with this cause and reduce the bandwidth generated by users.

More and more communication and social networking services include similar functions. YouTube, for its part, also includes a reminder to warn us that we should take a break.

Secondly, Companies like Netflix, TikTok, and even YouTube have lowered their streaming quality by default in an effort to compensate for the additional traffic that is occurring in recent weeks. Additionally, Facebook has struggled to keep its services active.

Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp (all owned by Facebook) have also seen increased use as people use their communication features to stay in touch with loved ones.

As a reminder, you can always use Digital Wellbeing on Android or Screentime on iOS to set daily time limits for apps you spend a lot of time on. Do you put restrictions or measures to combat the excessive use of social networks? | Source: Facebook