Android 12 could begin to reach the first devices from October 4.

It is very likely that the October 4, 2021 has been chosen by Google to release the update to Android 12 to your Pixel devices. Now that the beta number five is now available, it is only a matter of days that the final version is available, and thanks to clues discovered by the people of XDA, everything indicates that its launch will take place during the first week of October.

And it is that, a internal google document specify that on October 4 the publication of the Android 12 source code in AOSP. Most likely, coinciding with the release of the stable version of Android 12.

Android 12

Android 12, the next big update to Google’s operating system.

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Android 12 would arrive on October 4 to the first devices

In the past, Google has made the date of publication of the source code coincide with the release of each new version of the system. The source code for Android 9 Pie was released on August 6, the same day the update became available; the Android 10 code was released on September 3, and the Android 11 code on September 8.

For that reason, there is no reason to believe that Google has decided to change its strategy for this year. Furthermore, it is understandable that the new version will be released later than usual, because at the end of the day it is one of the biggest updates in operating system history.

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In any case, the date could change in the next few weeks, so that the update is finally released on a date before October 4. Or maybe Google’s strategy is to match the arrival of Android 12 with that of its new generation of smartphones, the Google Pixel 6.

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