The Pixel 6 will be updated for five years, with four major versions of the operating system since its launch.

Just like we had advanced a few days ago, the Google Pixel 6 will come with five years of guaranteed software updates, thus becoming the Android mobiles with the most extensive support in the history of the operating system.

However, it is possible that the information leaked at first was not entirely correct. Not because Google has no intention of keeping the Pixels updated for five years, but because, despite what many thought at the beginning, New devices could get four Android updates, not five.

Google Pixel 6

The back of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro already have a presentation date

Five years of security updates, and four of the system

The recognized leaker SnoopyTech assures on its Twitter profile that Google intends to keep the Pixel 6s updated for a minimum of five years. The information would have been supported by several different sources.

However, within that support period, four years of operating system updates will be offered, and five years of security updates, and not five years of both types of updates as originally rumored.

As of today, Google’s policy regarding Pixels contemplates three years of system updates and four years of security updates, so this extension supposes an extra year for each type of updates.

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Taking into account that the Pixel 6 will hit the market with Android 12 inside, the terminals are expected to be upgraded to Android 13, Android 14, Android 15 and Android 16, going through a total of five different system versions over the next four years.

It is very likely that the use of a processor developed by Google itself it has helped, and a lot, to facilitate the extension of the support for the new devices. And while the four years of updates have yet to catch up with Apple’s level with its iPhone, it’s clear that Google intends to keep moving on the right track.

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