You will be able to know who has read your messages in a Telegram group, as long as the chat does not have more than 50 participants.

Although it’s only been a few days since last big update from Telegram, the instant messaging application is already preparing its next great novelty: the option of know which members of a group have read our messages.

The function in question has been discovered by multiple Reddit users, who have been able to see for themselves how a new option in chats through which it is possible to see the names of the people who have already read our sent message.

Double check on Telegram

Telegram now lets you know who has read your messages sent to a group.

You will be able to know who has read your messages in a Telegram group

As you can see in the images, when tap on a message sent to a group of Telegram, it will be possible to see a section where the number of people who have read said message is shown. By touching on this section, we will see the names of the people who have read the message.

The show doesn’t seem to be well received by everyone. Some argue that it is one of the worst functions of the groups of WhatsApp and other alternative messaging applications to Telegram. Likewise, there are those who complain that the app does not give the possibility of disable option, at least for now.

Since the function has been implemented, for now, in the Telegram beta version, it is unknown if it will end up reaching the stable version of the application. What we do know is that at least for now, will only be available in groups with a maximum of 50 participants.

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