Laura I had 13 years when he began to experience a few Headaches so intense that his classmates thought he was lying. Paola (fictitious name) had 25. He was working and he remembers always being with the glass of water and the pill for him. pain. A few years later, both joined the list of people diagnosed with migraine. Today there are more than 5 million, only in Spain. However, according to Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), there is still a 40% of migraineurs who have not received a diagnosis.

That is why today the European Day of Action against Migraine, to raise awareness about a disease that, unfortunately, continues to carry a strong stigma. “Headache? It won’t be that bad either. ” But it is. In fact, more than one 80% of patients with migraine have some kind of disability. Such is the number of people affected in this way that it is the leading cause of disability in Spaniards under 50 years old.

Diagnosis: migraine

When Laura started with the headaches, being still small, the first reaction was to send her to the optics. There they initially put glasses on him to look at the blackboard in class, but the headaches did not stop. “My mother was still very worried, so she took me to the family doctor,” she says on the other end of the phone. He advised him to do a daily, indicating how many episodes he had, how intense, how long they lasted and some other data, which also included, for example, the food he ate. The analysis of this diary allowed him to finally be diagnosed with migraine when he was 14-15 years old.

Only 17% of people with migraine take the correct medication

Paola had to insist that they refer her to a specialist. “In the end I found a very good family doctor who did refer me, but since I had a history of anxiety and depression, they first sent me to mental health.” There she was lucky enough to be treated by a psychiatrist who suffered from migraines and immediately knew what her problem was. “He told me he had a book migraine.” It was she who decided refer her to the neurologist. There he finally received his diagnosis.