Be amazed by everything the new DJI gimbal has to offer.

If you are one of those who record many videos with your smartphone surely you have a gimbal among your gadget collection. A gimbal never hurts to improve image stability in a somewhat more professional way, so in the end they end up becoming essential products for many users.

However, what we bring you today is a something special gimbal, the definitive accessory for our mobile phone. Manufactured by the DJI brand, we find a gimbal that, in addition to performing the relevant functions of a gimbal, also serves as a selfie stick. Of course it also has other surprises that we will reveal below.

This DJI product is the ultimate accessory for your smartphone

DJI Osmo Gimbal

A gimbal is a must-have accessory for many

From today The DJI OM5 will become the essential accessory for all those users who use their smartphone especially to record videos or vlogs and post them on social networks. As we read in Android Police, This new version maintains the same functionalities as its predecessor such as its characteristic folding design for easier storage or a magnetic holder to put and remove the phone much faster. It also has gesture control, panoramic photo mode, video templates and many more.

Of course also has new features as a method to better frame group selfies or a new design that makes it much more comfortable to hold in your hands. In addition, DJI states that it has improved the software so that the product recognizes everything that happens in the focus frame, to the point that facial recognition or a new function called ShotGuides has been added, which detects the environment we are in and offers us template suggestions to achieve the best results.

Definitely, the DJI OM5 has all the good things of its predecessor and also improves it. So if you are already fans of the previous model, this is much more complete and therefore more recommended. Of course, its price will be about $ 159 which, although it may seem somewhat high, we must not forget that we are surely facing one of the most complete and highest quality gimbal on the market.

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