Up to 8 Apple phones in the top 10.

The world of technology is a non-stop. As many of you have already experienced on your own meats, today we bought a smartphone and the next day a new one comes out with better specifications and making ours look dated.

Faced with this situation, we can sell our smartphone to acquire one, but it is also common culture that not all second-hand mobile phones are sold equally quickly and at the same price. There are brands and models that devalue much slower than others not only facilitating its rapid entry into the second-hand market but also making it at a much higher price.

I have tried to use an Android as the main mobile but Apple has not let me

And if you want to know which have been the 10 phones that have been devalued the least in the last twelve months, keep reading. Although we already warn you one thing, rather few surprises.

IPhones continue to be the smartphones that devalue the least over time

iPhone 11 Pro rear

Apple phones are the ones that best stand the test of time

It’s no open secret that Buying an iPhone is a much better investment than buying an Android device if what we want is to sell it on the second-hand market when we get tired of it. While the value of an Apple phone holds up over time, an Android device can lose up to 50% of its value in just six months.

And that’s why when we mention the 10 phones that have lost the least value in the last 12 months, 8 are iPhone. The study has been carried out by the firm declutrr And although he does not come to invent anything new, it never hurts to remember these data.

Phones price depreciation

These are the phones that are less devalued

We started with the iPhone 11 which maintains 63% of its value after one year. In second and third place we find the iPhone SX Max and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, both of which maintain 57% of their value after 12 months.

Outside of the top 3 there is still an iPhone for a while. iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR and iPhone 8 retain 54% to 48% of their value. The most curious thing is that in this list there are from recent Apple phones like the iPhone 11 to phones with a few years behind them like the iPhone XR or the iPhone 8 itself, the latter presented in 2017 and that despite the elapsed time still sells more than decent.

We have to go to position number nine to find the first Android terminal. The Google Pixel 3a, one of the best Android phones of 2019, It is the non-iPhone terminal that best resists the passage of time, retaining 48% of its value. In last position is another Google phone, the Pixel XL, which maintains 47% of its price after the 12-month period.

In short, nothing that we did not know, especially considering that the study was carried out in the United States. Much iPhone, the Pixels surviving as they can and without a trace of other major brands such as Samsung. So now you know, if you want a phone that does not lose value over time, bet on Apple and its iPhone.

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