The ‘California Spring’ keynote came to an end and, after detailing all the features of the new iPad and iPad mini 2021, now it’s time to find out their prices in Mexico. However, you should know that, contrary to what happened with the iPhone 13, neither of the two tablets has a launch date in Mexico. Those of Cupertino are only limited to tell “Check availability later”, without further details at the moment.

In the case of the United States and Spain, they will be available on September 24, with the pre-sale being possible from today. If we take as a reference other Apple launches in Mexico, it is possible that the iPad and iPad mini will arrive between October and November. They will hardly wait beyond December, as the company tends to take advantage of the Christmas season to increase its sales.

While we wait for the long-awaited data, you can check their prices below. Note that the iPad will be available in silver and space gray, while the iPad mini will arrive in pink, star white, purple and space gray.

Prices of the iPad and iPad mini 2021 in Mexico


  • 64 GB Wi-Fi – $ 8,999
  • 256 GB Wi-Fi – $ 12,999
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular – $ 12,499
  • 256 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular – $ 16,499

iPad mini

  • 64 GB Wi-Fi – $ 13,499
  • 256 GB Wi-Fi – $ 17,499
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular – $ 17,499
  • 256 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular – $ 21,499

Perhaps for some the changes proposed by the iPad are negligible compared to the iPad mini. And is that the device smallest of the family dared to introduce the most important renovation in its history. For example, now it integrates a screen that grows up to 8.3 inch and that it has support for the Apple Pencil. In design, in addition, it abandons the large frames to approach the proposal of the iPad Pro. It boasts a 40% faster CPU and even 5G connectivity and USB-C port.