CAT picks up the glove from Branson and Bezos, successfully completing the journey into space for two of their ultra-rugged mobiles.

Those who search the Android catalog for a ultra-resistant mobile, surely at some point they will have taken a look at the smartphones that the British Bullitt Group assembles under the CAT brand, and that in the end are undoubtedly among the most advanced indestructible smartphones in the world.

In fact, it is that Bullitt wanted to go one step beyond the harsh tests to which their phones are subjected in the laboratory, and also has done it in the most mediatic way possible, with a space travel that collects the glove of Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson as first space cowboys.

And so put, hands to work, the Reading company was associated with the University Collegiate School by Bolton, United Kingdom, for their students to collaborate on a round trip project to space with two smartphones ultra-resistant, who would be in charge of photographing and documenting the trip.

The idea was not so much to demonstrate the capabilities of CAT mobiles to operate in any environment, but rather expand students’ knowledge in engineering aspects and check the electronics performance in the most extreme temperatures and environments even outside of Earth.

The British company Bullitt and the ‘University Collegiate School’ of Bolton send two CAT S62 Pro into space to collect data, photograph the trip and demonstrate in passing that these ultra-resistant mobiles can take it all … Even off Earth!

CAT S62 Pro, the mobile with thermal camera for professionals is updated to 2020

The project, overseen by high-altitude balloon expert David Akerman, served to reveal details on pressure, convection heat, or electronics operation in low-pressure environments, in addition to confirming that a smartphone designed for it is capable of maintaining its operation at extremely low temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius.

In any case, let’s first see a couple of photos of preparations and thermal cameras, since the two CAT S62 Pro are equipped with a FLIR thermal camera very useful in certain types of jobs:

Preparations for the hot air balloon ride

The S62 Pro’s thermal camera, documenting operating temperatures

CAT sends ultra-resistant mobiles into space

They say from Bullitt that the CAT S62 Pro was chosen in fact for its ability to survive any conditions, even thermal or pressure shocks, as well as the ability to take unique shots and videos of planet Earth from high altitude, sending the two devices on specially designed supports and attached to a hot air balloon.

The flight data was as follows:

  • Total flight time: 2 hours, 25 minutes and 8 seconds
  • Ascent: 1 hour, 53 minutes, and 14 seconds
  • Descent: 31 minutes and 54 seconds
  • Altitude reached: 35.3km
  • Minimum temperature: -30 ° C
  • Maximum temperature: 30 ° C
  • Total weight of the equipment: 1 kg
  • Ascent speed: 5 m / s
  • Recovery: 7.76 miles from launch site

With all the permits in order, the balloon was filled with an amount of helium calculated to provide a rate of ascent of 5 meters per second that allowed students to follow telemetry calmly, learning from experience. Also, once in space the balloon expands by 5 times its size due to lack of pressure, up to explode at an altitude of about 35 kilometers in which the descent begins with a final blow included against the ground.

CAT sends ultra-resistant mobiles into space

The two Cat S62 Pro used, after returning from his space adventure.

From Bullitt they are delighted with these tests, which have served to prove once again their smartphones as the most resistant for the toughest work environments as well as other outdoor experiences and adventures.

In fact, it is that Nathan Vautier, CEO of Bullitt Group, spoke quite enthusiastically of the experience in a note forwarded to the press by the company itself:

We routinely work with academic institutions, whether to harness new material science and explore innovative additives, coatings, and construction techniques, or to build products with greater strength and durability. It has been a fascinating project and the images captured speak for themselves. This shows that space is not just for billionaires.

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