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Michelin has a compressor that can act as a Power Bank and that allows you to adjust the tire pressure to the maximum without having to do it manually.

It is no longer necessary to inflate the wheels of your car or motorcycle in the old way, going to the nearest gas station with a compressor, and it is that 100% portable compressors that you can carry in the trunk have become very fashionable, an affordable option and perfect for emergencies.

One of the most complete is the Michelin 9519, a compressor that Amazon sells for only 52 euros and what has pretty cool features, such as setting a target pressure on your screenso you don’t have to manually adjust the tire pressure.

This programmable portable compressor from Michelin is ideal for easily inflating the wheels of your vehicle wherever you are.

What’s more, It has several nozzles, so it can be used to inflate wheels of all kinds or even mattresses and balloons if you like. After all, it is portable and quite light, so you can take it wherever you want.

Beyond its main purpose, it can also act as an external battery to charge mobile phones and other devices through its USB ports, so if you go camping or on an excursion, it may be worth taking it with you.

Of course, it is not the only model that is worthwhile. There are several cheap portable air compressors, so you are spoiled for choice. That being said, Michelin is a brand that you can totally and utterly trust.

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Having the wheels always ready, with the exact pressure, is essential to avoid blowouts and accidents, although there are users and drivers who do not pay enough attention to this, a danger.

It is something that you should always do, especially if you want to pass the ITV of your car or motorcycle without problems and the first time, something for which some extra accessories also help.

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