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Thinking of buying a shirt press like the one from Lidl? If the answer is yes, pay attention because on Amazon there is a cheaper model for only 39.99 euros.

The shirt and blouse ironer is the household appliance of the moment. After being a best seller last year, Lidl has put it back up for sale and is enjoying great success with consumers.

If you are thinking of getting it, before buying it take a look at this alternative from Amazon: it is another ironing mannequin from Cleanmaxx, but it is portable and costs cheaper, only 39.99 euros.

The Lidl ironer it costs 59.99 euros, so that You save 20 euros if you opt for this model. Also, considering that its price on Amazon has reached almost 60 euros, it is a good time to buy it.

Portable ironing mannequin for shirts, t-shirts, blouses, jumpers and tops. Effortlessly removes wrinkles from garments and can be taken on the go thanks to its compact size.

The ironing mannequin that Amazon sells is also from Cleanmaxx, the same brand as Lidl’s shirt press. This model is portable and less powerful, which allows its price to be lower.

As we could see in our review of the Lidl ironing mannequin, this appliance is ideal for people who do not have much skill with the iron. It offers good results and Removes wrinkles from shirts, blouses, T-shirts, sweaters and other tops effortlessly.

It is very easy to use: all you have to do is assemble the mannequin, adjust the garment with the help of the counterweight clips and wait for the ironer to do its work. While the appliance works you can do other tasks.

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About other models, the Cleanmaxx portable shirt ironer has the advantage that it can be transported anywhere, making it perfect to use when you are traveling and do not have an iron handy. What’s more, Being less powerful, it also consumes less electricity.

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