Grow and build your dream farm in Hay Day and earn money and diamonds with these cheats.

Hay Day is a popular farm games for mobile devices that since 2012 has kept friends and strangers captivated. Although the mechanics are very simple, it offers different interactions and game modes that catch you for hours.

With almost 10 years old, has been known to renew to continue attracting new players and keep those who already are hooked. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is the right time, do you know why?

There are Day tips and tricks to get everything much faster

Hay Day: tips and tricks to get things done faster

Next, we will tell you the best tips and tricks to get everything much faster inside Hay Day and tune your farm to the maximum. Do you want to know what these secrets are? Let’s discover them!

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Tips and tricks to improve your farm faster in Hay Day

Hay Day like other games of this style, they base the evolution and growth according to the time of dedication. However, there are many simple tricks that will help you improve your farm faster and without being vitiated all day.

Therefore, this selection of tricks and tips that we will show you below, they are totally legal, simple and extremely useful, with which you can earn experience, coins and diamonds.

Manage your resources

On Hay Day, your resources are the most precious and therefore, you must manage them correctly so that your farm grows and improves it. We know it can be complicated, but just do a few smart plays to make it.

The first is no spend all your seeds the first time. Although, the more seeds you plant, the more harvests you will have, if you spend them all very quickly, later on you will need more and since you already finished them, you will have to buy them with diamonds.

Take care of your farm in Hay Day

Take care of your farm in Hay Day

The same way, manage your diamonds correctly. It goes without saying that they are a very valuable and scarce resource, so each stone you use must be very well justified.

Therefore, until you reach level 24, where you can have your own mine, try not to use them, unless it is really necessary. Trust us, it’s a very useful trick that you will thank us later.

Optimize times

Each upgrade within the game It requires a certain time to complete, so optimize the times as much as possible and take advantage of the pauses between games.

The best thing you can do is keep while you are connected, focus on the faster tasks and leave for when you disconnect or go to sleep, those that require more time, such as crops. When you enter again, they will be completed.

Improve your earnings

As you know, it is possible sell your products in the storeespecially those that have them in abundance. In this way, you can earn money to invest in your farm and keep growing.

But the important thing is that you should always try negotiate for your products and never give them away. Many visitors will pay the price without problems, but others will want everything for free and that is what you should not allow.

Improve your earnings on Hay Day

Earn money to invest in your farm

Another very useful technique is to know how the market is and research the prices at which other players sell your products and based on this, offer yours at a discount (5-10% no more) and attract secure sales.

Of course, you cannot forget to give your customers a excellent service forever. It is preferable to reject an order due to lack of materials than not being able to meet and earn bad reputation.

Become a professional trader

We told you that sell surplus products in the store it’s a great way to win money in the game. But did you know that there are many more ways? For example, through tool trade.

For example, you can search the newspaper construction tools and buy a good lot. Then you can sell them individually, you will see how you get your investment back and increase your profit.

How to earn money and diamonds faster on Hay Day

In addition to the options that we mentioned previously, you can market food and boy can you generate a lot of money with them. For example, we leave you a list of the ones that are sold the most and that generate the best dividends:

How to make money faster on Hay Day

Improve your earnings on Hay Day

  • Dairy products: cream, cheese and butter.
  • Cake shop: cakes, sugar and syrup. Of course, always sell them separately and at the highest possible price.
  • Avoid making bacon and eggs: They are one of the easiest products to obtain and therefore, they all have.

Get more diamonds

You already knew that diamonds are rare and extremely precious. But do not worry, we will tell you some very simple tricks to get them easily.

Get more diamonds on Hay Day

In Hay Day you can market food to earn money

  • In advanced levels, next to the daily drawer you will receive a purple ticket. With this, you access a video that, after viewing them, you receive two diamonds.
  • Did you know that if you plant wheat and cover the entire field and then collect it all together, the game will give you an expensive item every 2 minutes? It is a trick that few know but that is worth it.
  • If you’re level 24 or higher, you can have your own mine. What you can do is disconnect the internet connection and dig to see if you find a diamond. If you succeed, activate the connection so that the find is registered, if not, close the game and start again. It is a rather curious but effective trick.
  • You can follow Hay Day on your Facebook page and win a diamond.
  • Link your Facebook account to Hay Day and earn an additional 5 diamonds.

Now that you know all these tips and tricks to climb levels faster and get better rewards in Hay Day, what are you waiting for? Try them and tell us how they have turned out for you.

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And if for some reason you still don’t play Hay Day but after reading this article you have wanted to create an account, we invite you to download it totally free for Android or ios.

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