Twitter wants to renew itself and, to begin with, it presents a new interface, a community function and the requested silent blocks … Although for now none of this will come to Android!

A couple of days ago we announced major moves in a Twitter that wants to continue to look like Instagram, and that despite the fact that their stories in the form of Fleets they were ephemeral really, and that the users of the blue bird social network all they keep asking for is an edit button tweets and not many more bragging.

In any case, as the companions of GSMArena, it seems that the team of Twitter wants to keep testing new features that they are able to renew the service more deeply giving it a new air, like this mentioned interface with images edge-to-edge or exciting news such as “soft locks” and the function Communities which is already available in the testing phase.

Twitter CEO explains how the highly anticipated edit of tweets would work

After the failure of the ‘Fleets’, it seems that Twitter wants to try more important changes.

Obviously, what is most striking is precisely this new interface with tweets occupying the entire width of our screens, in an arrangement similar to that of Facebook or Instagram with the text above, the content in the middle and below the classic buttons from retweet, to share or I like it that we already know.

This striking new change being tested on the iOS version of Twitter, giving as you will see a more modern approach to the interface of the application that we certainly like … Not you?

Twitter wants to be Instagram with this new feature

This is how “soft locks” work and Communities

The second of the novelties presented being tested only for specific accounts on the web, and it is something like the official version of a functionality highly requested among Twitter users, such as the “Soft locks” or transparent to the locked user.

What can be done with this new option is get a follower to stop following us without the system notifying them, or what is the same, is an option to remove followers that complete the possibility of blocking them explicitly.

As you can expect, this function does not prevent other people from seeing our tweets as the blocking does, but what is possible is to make them stop following us in a transparent way to the other user, and that when changing the account to private they can no longer see our timeline as much as they want it.

Finally, it is also presented the function Communities that we had already seen announced in February, and that will allow us create groups of people by invitation only, being able to open communities or forums around a topic and invite other Twitter users to join the group.

In this case, administrators and / or moderators of Twitter communities will be able to invite any member, and they too they will receive 5 invitations to be able to deliver to their contacts, which will make communities can be enriched with more users and more experiences.

Members may publish open for everyone or only for other users They are in specific groups, and obviously on the contrary they will see the publications of other members of their communities.

Unfortunately this option is also being tested on iOS and web, leaving Android users composed for now and without news on the front… What do you think of everything new on Twitter? Will they manage to partially revive the social network and bring the millions of inactive users back to life?

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