In the middle of the maelstrom of riders in Barcelona –now with a paralyzed strike, for now–, Glovo announces the acquisition of another startup with history: Lola Market. It is the definitive confirmation that the future of the Spanish unicorn is directly focused on the business of online supermarkets or Q-Commerce; one that began a little over a year ago and is already the undisputed protagonist for the company alongside restaurants. In fact, with this acquisition, the Q-Commerce division will reach a gross value of more than 300 million euros by the end of 2021 and that it expects to exceed 1 billion euros by 2022, according to company figures.

The details of the purchase are scarce in any case. On the table, the fact that Glovo has acquired Lola Market’s businesses in Spain; as well as Mercadão’s business in Portugal –its peer in the neighboring country–. Together they already add more than 30 shopping establishments in different cities.

However, Lola Market’s business makes a difference compared to Glovo’s. If the unicorn has been specializing in proximity shopping with its own establishments located in strategic points of the cities, the case of Lola Market is completely different. They are Personal Shopper – which we can now call riders– those who go to large supermarkets such as Lidl or Carrefour to make the requested purchase. In addition to reducing local costs, it allows you to control a wider range of products.

This makes sense: larger purchases that can conquer an audience that makes the weekly purchase and not on time as Glovo’s business had been controlling to date.

“We see great potential in on-demand food purchases and both Lola Market and Mercadão are reference platforms in their countries of origin. By adding the two marketplaces, we will be able to build even stronger relationships with the establishments with which we collaborate and offer a more complete service. Both purchases represent a great advance for us because we will be able to serve all types and moments of purchases in the food segment “, he points out Oscar Pierre, CEO and Co-founder of Glovor in a statement.