Everything points to the closure of the well-known Chinese online store, especially after learning that its parent company, Global Top E-Commerce Co., Ltd, filed for bankruptcy last June.

If we think of Chinese online stores, the two names that first come to mind are, without a doubt, AliExpress and GearBest, because they are the best known to all of us and the largest at the level of infrastructure and product catalog.

But something seems to be happening on Gearbest in recent weeks because we have no news from her: the web is down, customers are in limbo and bankruptcy rumors keep pouring in.

Gearbest closure

With the web down and social media neglected, there is no way to contact GearBest

Are we attending the closing of Gearbest?

All indications suggest that the popular Chinese mobile and gadget online store would have closed its doors without notifying its customers or affiliates, because, in the first place, the e-commerce website has not been working for 10 days and when accessing it we can read the following message: Invalid URL The requested URL “[no URL]”, Is invalid.

Gearbest web drop-zoom

This is the error message that appears when trying to access the GearBest website

Second, the well-known online store also has no signs of life on its social networks, since his last post on Facebook is July 7, on Twitter has not shared anything since April 2020 and since last August 18 has not responded to more reviews of its mobile application on the Google Play Store.

Regarding its mobile application, it must be indicated that it does work, at least in part, because we have been able to access our profile, our order history and also the product catalog, but when trying to enter sections such as the contact methods or the frequently asked questions, the app returns the same error message that appears on the web.

No news from GearBest: web down, customers in limbo, and bankruptcy rumors

The fact that the Gearbest website has been down for so many days leaves its customers helpless because all support tickets are opened through its website. This means that both customers who have not received an order that they had requested and those who want to request the return or cancellation of an order they have nowhere to claim.

Finally, another of the data that does not invite optimism is that Gearbest’s parent company, Global Top E-Commerce Co., Ltd, filed for bankruptcy last June and stopped paying salaries to all its employees, whose number had been reduced from 3,000 to just 500 at the beginning of this year.

Why buy from AliExpress and not from other stores

In the event that the closure of GearBest is confirmed, the great beneficiary will be, without any doubt, AliExpress, the online store owned by the giant Alibaba, which continues to receive a large number of orders from Spain despite the new European VAT law.

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